July 11 – Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – A Message from Father John Thomas

From our Pastor, Father John Thomas

My Dear Parishioners:

Hello to you before I arrive as your pastor. I first want to tell you that since Bishop Medley called me to this transfer, I have fervently prayed for you, your families, the parishes of Holy Spirit, Bowling Green and St. Stephen Cathedral, Fr. Jerry Riney, and lastly (but no less fervently) myself. I am very much aware it was not time for a ‘move’ and this has caused modifications and change in both parishes. 

In the beginning of June, I met with the Cathedral staff so we could begin the process of getting to know one another and speak about the best way to move forward. There was some apprehension for all of us but we quickly moved to beneficial discussion, chatter, and FOOD! I have also met several times with Fr. Jerry to discuss structure, liturgy, office, and a million other topics. I have profound respect for Fr. Jerry and his ability to bring a parish to life. He was my first pastor as a new priest (1993), and I followed him in my current assignment (2013).

The Gospel this weekend calls the disciples forward and sends them on mission. They are to take only what is necessary (physically) and God’s Word (Spiritually) and enter the lives of those they encounter. For those sent it is a mission of the unknown, fear, doubt, and difficulty. It is at the same time a mission of hope, excitement, discovery, and joy. It is the gospel message of Jesus. It is our message on our own journey.

I will arrive on Tuesday, July 13, so my first weekend with you will be July 17/18. I humbly accept this call from the Church and together we will make our journey.

St. Stephen, pray for us!

Blessings, Fr. John