Parish Administration

A cross graphic + next to ministry titles indicates YOUTH participation is welcomed and encouraged.


Buildings and Grounds +     *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Volunteers are needed for tasks throughout the year such as landscaping, gardening, painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and more. The time commitment varies depending on the project. Spring and fall work days are planned for landscaping work and other projects around the church campus. Work days are usually scheduled on a Saturday from 8:00 am-12 noon. Youth are welcome with adult supervision.

Contact:  Jeff Payne – 270-925-4695 – [email protected]


Monthly Church Cleaning

Volunteers in this ministry help keep our worship space beautiful with general housecleaning of the church. Cleaning days are scheduled in advance and volunteers are notified; the cleaning is usually scheduled for the last Thursday of each month. The time commitment is approximately 2 hours, beginning at approximately 8:00 am.

Contact:  Coordinator Needed – Contact Parish Office – 270-683-6525


Office Assistants             *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

These volunteers assist the Pastoral Team with tasks such as inserting bulletin flyers or occasional projects such as mailings or data entry. Time commitment: approximately 1 hour for inserting bulletin flyers; varies for other projects.

Contact:  Beni Howell – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]


Money Counter

Money counters serve on one of four teams to count weekly parish collections on either Sunday afternoons or Monday mornings. The time commitment is approximately 3-4 hours per scheduled week.

Contact:  Eddy McFarland – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]


Livestreaming                *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Do you enjoy working with computers and technology? Volunteers with a knack for technology and/or experience with operating cameras and computer equipment are needed to livestream daily and weekend Masses as well as other liturgies or events. Time commitment: varies, but approximately 2 hours per event. Training is provided.

Contact:  John Calhoun – 270-316-9102 – [email protected] or James Wells – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]