Community and Family Enrichment

A cross graphic + before ministry titles indicates YOUTH participation is welcomed and encouraged.


 Parish Meals and Receptions – This committee encourages community in our parish family by planning and preparing for activities, events, and receptions such as the Easter Vigil reception, parish missions, ice cream socials, annual parish Dedication Anniversary, and various other meals and receptions throughout the year. We are in need of volunteers for a variety of times (midday, evening, weekend). If you enjoy cooking, baking, or entertaining, this is a great ministry for you. The time commitment varies depending on the event.

Contact:  Donna Tarantino –  270-683-6525 (o) – [email protected]


+ Dedication Anniversary Celebration – This event, held in September, commemorates the anniversary of the dedication of our current church building and celebrates our patron saint. This occasion offers a delicious dinner and a chance to socialize with fellow parishioners, as well as an opportunity to raise funds for our parish. Volunteers are needed to conduct advance planning, serve as committee chairpersons, organize the raffle, prepare and serve food, coordinate burgoo pre-sales and event-day sales, set up; clean up; and more. Adult volunteers are needed; youth volunteers are welcome with supervision.

Contact:  Parish Office – 270-683-6525


Cathedral Docent – We are proud of the beauty and rich history of St. Stephen Cathedral. Volunteer docents extend a warm welcome and provide enlightening, interesting tours of our Cathedral to groups or individuals throughout the year. New volunteers are needed and welcome; training is provided. The time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours per tour, a few times per year.

Contact:  Kathy Wright

270-302-7876 – [email protected]


Funeral Meals – Funeral meals, prepared and served in the Community Center following parish funerals, offer comfort and hospitality to bereaved families. Volunteers are needed to prepare and deliver dishes to the church, and/or assist in set-up, serving, and cleanup. Volunteers are placed on a call list and contacted by funeral meal coordinators as the need arises.

Contacts: Sue Gough – 270-684-9104 (h) – [email protected] / Gene Lyon – 270-684-3358 (h) – [email protected] or Lisa Taylor – 270-302-6917 (c) – [email protected]


Meal Train – This ministry provides meals for families on a short-term basis, such as after the birth of a child, surgery, illness, miscarriage, injury, death in the family, etc.  Volunteers register at and log in to sign up to provide meals. Assistance is available for anyone needing help with registering. If your schedule prevents you from delivering meals, donations of gift cards or take-out meals for the family are welcome. If you know of parishioners in need of meals for a short time period, please contact Amanda Reffitt.

Contact:  Amanda Reffitt – 270-570-1508 (c) – [email protected]


Bereavement Committee – Volunteers support bereaved families by serving as greeters for funeral Masses. In addition, they assist with preparations for the All Souls Vespers Service each November, including hosting a reception afterwards. The time commitment for funeral Masses is approximately 1.5 hours and approximately 4 hours for the All Souls preparations and reception.

Contact:  Marianna Robinson – 270-926-3032 (h) – [email protected]


Welcoming Committee – This committee helps welcome new members to our parish family. Volunteers host Newcomer Receptions, held at the rectory several times throughout the year. They also coordinate Welcome Sundays (first Sunday of each month after the Sunday Masses) in the Community Center for new members and all parish families. If you enjoy meeting new people and sharing your pride and enthusiasm for our parish, the Welcoming Committee welcomes your participation!

Contact:  Janet Murphy – 270-485-8553 (c)  – [email protected]


Marketing and Communications Committee – This committee helps promote our parish to the greater community as well as other parishes. Topics and projects include planning and sales of annual Cathedral Christmas ornaments, promoting the Arts at the Cathedral Series and Cathedral Tours, and more. The committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Parish Office. Share your pride in our parish through participation in this committee; new members and ideas are always welcome.

Contact:  Kathy Wright – 270-302-7876 (c) – [email protected]


Parish Newsletter – Volunteers prepare and publish the parish quarterly newsletter, “The Parishioner”. Do you enjoy writing or photography? Volunteers are needed to write articles or provide photographs featuring parish ministries, members, or events.

Contacts:  Katie Pagan – 270-314-5793 (c) – [email protected] or Taylor West – 270-590-1636 (c) – [email protected]


Parish Photography – If you have a talent for taking photographs, this is a great ministry for you. Photographers are needed to help document parish events, ministry functions, or special liturgies. Photos may be used for our parish newsletter, bulletin, pictorial directory, website, or Facebook.

Contact:  Rob Abney – 270-315-7276 – [email protected]


Parish Health Committee – These volunteers are committed to improving the health of parish members. Blood pressure checks and blood/glucose testing are offered each Welcome Sunday (first Sunday of the month) in the Community Center. An annual Health Fair is also offered.

Contact:  Deacon Dirck Curry – 270-316-1668 – [email protected]