Liturgy and Worship

A cross graphic + next to ministry titles indicates YOUTH participation is welcomed and encouraged.


Art and Environment      *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

These volunteers help maintain the beauty of our worship space by assisting in the planning, setup, and removal of seasonal decorations and caring for flowers or plants. If you enjoy flower arranging and can assist on days when decorating and/or removing decorations takes place, we need your participation. Time commitment: varies depending on the season; planning meetings last about 1 hour.

Contact:  James Wells – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]


Sacristan             *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Sacristans work behind the scenes to ensure preparations are in place for liturgies including preparing the vessels and altar, ensuring that liturgical ministers are present, and ensuring the sacristy is tidy after the liturgy. Training is provided. Sacristans are needed for all weekend Masses as well as other liturgies throughout the year. Time commitment: approximately 1.5 hours per Mass.

Contact:  Hannah Bland – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]


Eucharistic Minister +     *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Eucharistic Ministers assist in distributing The Body of Christ at Mass. Training is provided. Adults and high school youth who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation are welcome to serve.

Contacts:  Sister Monica Seaton – 270-702-0232 – [email protected] or Tom & Amy Payne – 270-686-7739 – [email protected]


Lector +                *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Lectors proclaim the appointed Scripture Readings at Mass. Training is provided. Adults and high school youth who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation are welcome to serve.

Contact:  Jennifer Welch – 270-685-5257 – [email protected]


Altar Server +            *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Altar Servers serve for weekend Masses, holy days, and other liturgies. Training and formation are provided. Open to all youth who are 2nd semester of third grade and older. Adult servers also needed and welcome for weekday and weekend Masses. Altar Servers are asked to arrive 15-20 minutes before their scheduled Mass.

Contact:  Ross Leigh – 270-316-4091 – [email protected]


Hospitality Minister +      *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Hospitality Ministers welcome everyone arriving for Mass. *They distribute worship aids and bulletins, assist with seating, recruit Gift Bearers, conduct the Offertory collection, and maintain awareness for anyone needing assistance. This ministry is open to adults and high school youth. Training is provided; more Hospitality Ministers are needed for all Masses. Hospitality Ministers are asked to arrive 20 minutes before their scheduled Mass in order to welcome worshipers as they arrive, and stay to offer a greeting as they leave. *Duties may be reduced during pandemic restrictions.

Contacts: Donna Tarantino – [email protected] or James Wells – [email protected] – 270-683-6525


Liturgy Coordinators       *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Occasionally, details and elements are added to a liturgy (e.g., during Holy Week) which extend beyond the scope of the regularly scheduled liturgical ministers. Volunteers who enjoy working “behind the scenes” are needed to coordinate and oversee details for these liturgies. The time commitment varies but includes meeting with pastoral staff for planning, as well as approximately 30 minutes before and after the liturgy.

Contacts: Donna Tarantino – [email protected] or James Wells – [email protected] – 270-683-6525


Children’s Liturgy of the Word +

Adult leaders (age 18 and over) and assistants (middle-school age and over) are needed. This program is offered during Sunday Mass (times will be determined as restrictions are lifted). Children ages 4-8 are guided through scripture, apart from the adult assembly, so that the Word of God can come alive for them at their level. Training is provided. Diocesan Safe Environment certification is required for volunteers 18 and over.

Contact:  Hannah Bland – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]


Diocesan Event Welcomer (DEWs)

DEWs represent our parish and diocese by welcoming all who attend diocesan-sponsored Masses or events as well as Arts at the Cathedral concerts. DEWs distribute worship aids or programs and provide information and assistance as needed. Time commitment: approximately 2.5 hours per event, 5-6 times per year.

Contact: Donna Tarantino – [email protected] or James Wells – [email protected] – 270-683-6525


Baptism Team               *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Team members assist families of children receiving the sacrament of Baptism at Mass, including arriving early to set up sacramental items, greeting families as they arrive, speaking with parents/godparents briefly to ensure they are informed regarding the rite, accompanying the family during the liturgy as needed, and putting sacramental items away afterwards. Time commitment: less than 2 hours (including Mass). Volunteers serve on a rotating basis. No prior experience is necessary, just a willingness to be helpful to families during this sacred occasion. Training is provided.

Contact: Crissy Stevenson – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]


Ministers of Care

Ministers of Care visit and take Communion to parishioners who are homebound or in nursing homes. Home visits take place on Friday mornings; nursing home visits usually take place on Sundays. Diocesan Vulnerable Adult Ministry (VAM) certification is required for volunteers in this ministry. The time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours each week. More volunteers are needed and welcome for this important ministry.

Contact:  Fr. Sinoj Pynadath HGN – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]


Ministry of Praise            *ACTIVE! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

This ministry is perfect for those who are no longer able to be as involved as much as they would like due to the challenges of aging or declining health. Volunteers are commissioned by a priest and receive an olive wood cross, a prayer book, and bi-monthly letters from the Pastoral Staff, then spend time in regular prayer for a variety of intentions.

Contact:  Beni Howell – [email protected] – 270-683-6525


Pew Police  +

These volunteers keep our worship space looking beautiful by ensuring that pews are orderly for the next Mass. This includes organizing the hymnals and picking up worship aids, trash, or items left in the pews. Volunteers are not scheduled, but encouraged to serve at any Masses they attend.

Contact: Donna Tarantino – 270-683-6525 – [email protected]