March 8, 2020 – Second Sunday of Lent

I.  Bowls: The Catholic Relief Service (CRS) program is not just for families with children. It is for all of us to seek solidarity with those who have not been so blessed. I ask each household/family to pick up a rice bowl, place it on your kitchen table, cut back on what you eat by fasting, and offer that amount on Holy Thursday to God’s people who are hungry— 75% goes to foreign missions while 25% helps alleviate hunger and poverty in our own diocese. Educate yourself on how blessed you are. Challenge yourself to share more generously. Growing spiritually is not easy! Ouch! There are excellent short videos each week; check it out at “Whatever you did for one of these least ones. . ., you did for me” (Matthew 25:40).

II.  Pastoral  Council  is  about Serving: We are now accepting nominations from the community of Saint Stephen Cathedral parish to serve on our Parish Pastoral Council for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2020. The purpose of the Council is to assist in setting an overall vision for the parish, to provide leadership, and to advise the pastor. If you know a parishioner who has the good of the community in mind and a “servant’s heart,” you may wish to nominate that person. Nomination forms can be found at our church doors or parish office. The more diverse our council, the better! Have nominations to Beni Howell by April 6th. Please pray that we may surface the right people to serve our community. 

III. Lighthouse Media Kiosk: Check it out! Just in time for Lenten spiritual growth! Lighthouse Media provides books, booklets, pamphlets and CD’s on a wide range of topics. Listen to a CD on prayer, the Eucharist, Reconciliation (confession), re-connecting with the Catholic Church, moral issues, and the lives of the saints. There is something for everyone! Encounter Christ through Lighthouse Media, located in the main church vestibule. Let us know if you don’t see what you are looking for; we would be glad to try and place an order for you. Special thanks to Lorraine McFarland who coordinates this ministry.

God calls us. . .listen to Him!

IV.  Owensboro Symphony Brass and Percussion Ensemble will be performing at 4:00 pm Sunday, March 8th (today).  This concert is free to the public, thanks to our Arts at the Cathedral patrons. All are welcome!

V.  Best Fish Fry in Town! Our Saint Stephen Cathedral fish fry will be Friday, March 20, 5:00–7:00pm. Enjoy a delicious fish dinner! Save the date: Friday, March 20!

VI.  What Is The Difference Between Happiness and Joy? The Book of Psalms has more references to joy than any other book in the Bible. Quite simply, joy is the fruit of a right relationship with God. It is not something people can create by their own efforts. When we love selflessly as God loves, without recompense, we are imbued with the Holy Spirit and feel the joy of being spiritually connected to God, or to God through others. Happiness, on the other hand, is a fleeting emotion with a wide range of feelings that, left unchecked, can possibly lead to self-indulgent pleasure seeking. Joy is the sure sign of the presence of God. Seek God, take refuge in God, spend time in the presence of God during this season of Lent.