September 30, 2018 Pastor’s Corner

I. Respect Life Month Theme: “Every Life, Cherished, Chosen, Sent.”  Created for relationship, every person is made in God’s image and likeness, and is loved by God and called to eternal union with God. We are also created to be in communion with, and depend upon, one another.

    In 1531, when the indigenous peoples of Mexico were subjugated and the practice of human sacrifice was still a recent memory, the Mother of God appeared to a poor Indian peasant, Juan Diego, as a pregnant native woman, declaring: “You who are my messenger, in you, I place my absolute trust.”  Under the title Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas, she sent him with miraculous flowers in his cloak to tell the bishop to build a church where people could receive her Son and her loving, tender care. When Juan Diego opened the cloak before the bishop, an image of Our Lady was revealed that remains to this day. The chapel was quickly built, millions embraced Christianity, and the Church increased its protection of the indigenous peoples. By embracing the mission entrusted to him, Saint Juan Diego helped bring Christ’s transforming love to cultures gripped by oppression and death.

   Today, we again see the dignity of human life disregarded. Unborn children are destroyed through abortion, and ill people are encouraged and assisted to take their own lives. Life is not always held in high esteem at its beginning and natural end, and everywhere in between.  How do we respond?

     Like Saint Juan Diego, we are personally entrusted with specific ways to love God and one another. If we have aging parents, do we take the time to consistently show our love through visits, phone calls, and notes? If we know expectant mothers or parents with infants,  do  we  provide  support  that  helps  them  welcome  their do we continue to welcome their little one and serve their needs, even months after the baby is born?  It’s Who We Are! We are cherished, chosen, and sent by God to love one another as God loves us. In doing so, we help build a culture that cherishes all human life. Building a culture of life is simply part of who we are as Christians, as followers of Christ. Like Juan Diego, let us embrace our daily mission to help others encounter God’s transforming, lifegiving love. For more information,,, and

II. Devotion of Rosary—Month of October:  “The rosary is ‘the school of Mary,’ a special devotion that teaches us about the profoundly close relationship Mary shared with her Son, Jesus” (Saint John Paul II). More than this, praying the rosary invites us into this relationship, nurturing our faith and deepening our understanding of who Jesus Christ was/is for the world. The Church celebrates Our Lady of the Rosary, Saturday, Oct. 6th, to honor Mary’s example and guidance to her Son. We learn in her school how to open our lives to her Son, Jesus, and how to imitate His example of sharing God’s love with the world. “The rosary is medicine for the spiritual help of our souls and for spreading love, forgiveness, and brotherhood everywhere” (Pope Francis). Question to ponder: do you “say” the rosary, or “pray” it? I’d suggest it’s better to “pray” one decade with reflection and intention, than to rattle off the entire rosary just to “get it done!” Are you aware that we have twelve unique and beautiful stained glass windows in our church with the mysteries of the rosary (all 5 Joyful, 3 of the Sorrowful, and 4 of the Glorious)! Rosaries, and pamphlets with the mysteries, and how to pray the rosary, are at the Church doors during the month of October, thanks to our Cathedral Rosary Makers’ Guild. Help yourself!

III. Cathedral Mandeville Mission Trip: Our Diocese of Owensboro has had a special “sister” relationship with the people of central Jamaica in the Diocese of Mandeville, for over 20 years. The unemployment rate there is over 70%!  We ask your special prayers for those leaving Saturday, October 6, for a week in the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Jamaica:  Mark Heinz, Mary Beth & Phil Hurley, Al Thompson, Tanja Wells-Walker, Tarran Walker, and Kathryn Wimsatt.

IV. Scripture Sunday is October 14! Bishop Medley has set the second Sunday of October as a special day to reflect upon the Word of God.  This year we are asked to focus on the Psalms, which are timeless because they come out of human experience; therefore, one does not need a lot of historical background to appreciate them. We are asking parishioners to send in their favorite verse(s) from the Book of Psalms and share WHY it is their favorite. Responses will be posted on the diocesan website, Be sure to include your name and parish and send to Elaine Robertson, Director of Faith Formation, [email protected].  I also encourage you to bring your Bibles to Mass that weekend!

V. Priests’ Retreat: a time set aside to pray and reflect upon how well God’s love is interwoven into everyday life. Many of our priests from the Diocese of Owensboro will be making this retreat, facilitated by Msgr. John Canary, at Mount Saint Joseph Retreat Center. The theme this year is: “How to Live Contemplatively”.  I rely upon your prayers always, but especially this week, Oct. 1-5. The parish is in the quite capable hands of Fr. Sinoj Paul Pynadath (he loves it when I’m away!!), and the Cathedral pastoral team.


We missed John Clayton in our Thank You’s last week for the cooking for our Anniversary event. We appreciate you!