September 23, 2018 Pastor’s Corner

I. How Do Adults Develop Childlike Faith? In its simplicity, and its uncomplicated view of our men and women as children of the same God, our faith is child-like—but in its practice, our faith is anything but “childish” or naïve. Christ calls us to embrace the uncomplicated but genuine faith of a child that we adults sadly “outgrow:” to love God and others without condition or expectation. “Child-like” faith is never discouraged, never becomes cynical or jaded, never ceases to be amazed and grateful for the many ways God reveals His presence in our lives. The power of such simple faith is its ability to overcome every rationalization, fear, complication and agenda in order to mirror the selflessness of Christ Jesus. Only in embracing child-like kindness, compassion, generosity and forgiveness can we attain true greatness in the kingdom of God (Mark 9:30-37)

II. True Community at St. Stephen Cathedral (Thank you!): on Saturday, September 15th, we celebrated our 92nd Anniversary of the church building dedication of Saint Stephen. Bishop Medley reminded us that Peter, called by Jesus to be Rock, was graced in his proclamation, “You are the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One!” (cf. Mark 8:27-35). Yet, within seconds, trying to save Jesus from “going up to Jerusalem” with all that that entailed (suffering, rejection, crucifixion), Jesus rebuked Peter saying, “get behind me, Satan!” The “graced” Peter became “disgraced,” and eventually “graced” again! Down deep, we know that is also the story of our life. Not one of us will escape the cross, which can lead to resurrection. 

Our liturgy was beautiful, thanks to our liturgical ministers, and to our choir under the tutelage of James Wells, who led us well in prayer. We were pleased to welcome back seminarian Corey Bruns, who emceed with our servers, who “juggled” our bishop’s miter and staff smoothly! The community center was decorated thanks to Bern Tooley and her crew!

Our dinner of delicious barbecued chicken (thanks to Bill Drury, Todd Johnson, Phil Hurley, Frank Riney, Matt Johnson, Bill McCarty, Elmo Thompson, Peter Hurley, Jonathan Drury, & Luke Riney) and the best burgoo in the county (thanks to Glenn Thompson, Randy Kamuf, Tom Neal, Mark Sims, Carroll Howard, Chris Zoglmann, Steve Fogle, Luke Riney, Bill Drury, Elmo Thompson, Bill McCarty, Fr. Sinoj, Martha House, Billie Campbell, Martha Sims, Janice Greene, Bridgette Whittinghill & Kathryn Wimsatt) and to Jesse Mattingly, Jim Duffy, Janice Greene, and Angie Drury, who braved the heat to sell burgoo in the parking lot. Thanks also to those of you who brought desserts (I sampled several!). Thanks to Darcy Purk & Peggy Bellew for calling to gather those “dessert” volunteers. Hats off to those of you who worked in the kitchen, and to those who served the food. We have pictures coming soon—thank you Donna Duffy! Thank you Pastoral Council Members!!!!

The experienced John Kurtz did a great job with dispensing our raffle gifts, though my name was never called! We’re also grateful for all those who distributed raffle tickets after Masses. Thanks to Barbara Jones, Larry Lyon, and Rita “Blueberry” Ward for processing our raffle tickets; the proper counting and processing of the raffle tickets in accordance with KY Gaming Commission rules is a bigger task than many may think! Then there is electrician Richard Grimsley who worked tirelessly with Jeff Payne, sweating buckets, to get our new trailer of restrooms properly functioning for the feast!

A well-deserved and heart felt gratitude to Kathryn Wimsatt and Donna Tarantino for orchestrating our 92nd

Anniversary Dedication Celebration. Thank you! It took lots of hands and hearts to make our celebration a grand success. And to others, whose names are not mentioned here, you will receive double merit!

III. St. Vincent de Paul Workers: on Thursday, September 27th, we are celebrating of the Feast of Saint Vincent de Paul, who had such a love for the poor and needy. With Fr. Sinoj Paul as their capable spiritual director/chaplain, all our SSC St. Vincent de Paul workers (Harry & Peggy Bellew, Denise Payne, Bob Mahoney, Linda Beam, D. J. Clark, Mary Ann Medley, Jesse & Nora Mattingly, Bill & Shannon Wright, John Hein, Robert Berry, Bill Goetz, Bill McCarty, Larry Lyon, Florence Weider and Marianna Robinson) are invited to the noon Mass, followed by a light lunch in the Community Center. In the name of the entire parish, I wish to express gratitude for your respect and compassion for those in our area who are needy. You represent our parish well! Christ’s presence is often camouflaged in those who come to us in need. Since we have had a few members to retire from this ministry recently, we could use more parishioners to this ministry. Is Christ calling you to be His hands, His feet, His eyes, ears, and voice to the needy? Contact Harry Bellew, 270/926-0792, or our parish office and we will have a volunteer call you for training. “Do not preach about God to a hungry man;  feed him, and you are teaching him about God.”   (St. Vincent de Paul)