July 29, 2018 Pastor’s Corner

Keeping Safe & Secure Project Update: As you may recall, our Keeping Safe & Secure porch renovation project was due to begin the first part of July.  Although we are experiencing a slight delay, we are confident in all involved in the effort, and that the extra time needed for planning will bring us to a quality finished project of which we will be pleased and proud. Our timeline should begin around the first of August. Thank you for your understanding, and most of all for your generosity and prayerful support, and for your love and pride for our parish.

Fr. Jerry, Fr. Sinoj, and the Keeping Safe & Secure Campaign Committee

Little is Plenty

    Chapter six of the Gospel of John is the most well known explanation of the Eucharist. This weekend we begin to reflect on the Eucharist and continue for several weeks. When the Apostles had no clue about feeding the large crowd, Andrew’s gesture of bringing the boy with five loaves and two fish becomes an occasion for Jesus to perform a great miracle. Andrew might have been unaware that his gesture would have an impact on this embarrassing situation and bring about a resolution. But Jesus knew and was ready to solve a large crisis with a comparatively insignificant offering.

    Jesus eagerly waits what we can bring him. It may not be very great or even noteworthy, but he needs it. We some-times feel that the Church, our community, has lost its old glory and triumph. Perhaps this is because we have failed to bring what we have to Christ. We need to ponder and reflect on this. If we would lay ourselves on the altar in His service, there is no end to what He could do with us and through us. We may be sorry and embarrassed that we don’t have much to bring—and rightly so; but that is no excuse for failing to bring what we have. This “bringing of ourselves” once again reminds all of us about “disciple-ship” in our parish and Church at large. Whichever area, all of us have at least a little to give for Christ and His Church. Remember, little is always plenty in the hands of Christ.

Saints this Week

This week we have a colorful combination of saints. St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Alphonsus Ligouri, and St. John Marie Vianney. I say “a colorful combination” because the three of them lived their holiness very differently in dedicating their lives to Christ. St. Ignatius was a soldier, an enthusiast in life who later became instrumental in bringing a revolution of religious life in the Catholic Church. St. Alphonsus was master of Christian Spirituality who, through his wisdom, could defend and revitalize the religious consecration. Both of them are founders of  the Jesuits (like Pope Francis) and Redemptorists respectively. St. Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney was a simple priest, little in education and knowledge, but his holiness and dedication alone stand as a model for all priests; he is the patron saint of priests. We shall ask their intercession for all our priests and consecrated brothers and sisters.

Blessed Sacrament Picnic

Let us do our best to join and support the Blessed Sacrament Chapel community on August 4th, the day of their picnic. Let us participate in the celebration of Communion at our “neighbor-Church.” Let us take it as an opportunity for us to experience and be part of the miracle of Jesus; making plenty from our little contributions.