July 22, 2018 Pastor’s Corner

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am very happy to reach you through this Bulletin. I would like to use this opportunity to once again thank you for the warm welcome you have given me to the St. Stephen Family. You have been very kind and generous to support and encourage me as I take up my first assignment in USA. Thanks also for your prayers and greetings on my Birthday. As instructed by Fr. Jerry I would like to give a short introduction about myself. I was born on June 30, 1983 at Kanjoor, Kerala, South India. I am the youngest of five children in the family. My father passed away 14 years back. I have two elder brothers and two elder sisters. My mother lives with my brother. I was ordained a Priest on January 6, 2008 for the St. Paul Province of the Missionary Society of Heralds of Good News. During the past ten years, I have mostly worked with seminarians of different stages of formation. Meanwhile I also completed my Licentiate in Philosophy and Masters in Social Work (Counselling). I am very happy to engage myself in pastoral ministry in the diocese of Owensboro.

Heralds of Good News

Heralds of Good News is a Missionary Society of Apostolic Life, started in Eluru diocese, India on 14th October 1984; it became an Institute of Pontifical Right on May 5, 1999. The specific aim of the Society is the promotion of vocations to priesthood, the training of seminarians and the supply of zealous and hardworking missionaries to the dioceses in India and abroad which experience a shortage of priests due to the lack of local vocations. Presently we are more 500 priests serving in 97 dioceses all over the world. Major non-pastoral missions of the Society are caring for the destitute, rehabilitation of mentally challenged, education, remedial homes etc. I request your prayers for all the missions of Heralds of Good News.

Rhythm of Life

The Christian life is a continuous shift between the presence of God and the presence of men. It is like the rhythm of sleep and work. We cannot work unless we have our time of rest; and sleep will not come unless we have worked until we are tired. When the Apostles returned from their Mission Jesus invites them to rest a while. There can be two dangers in life. First, there can be a danger of continuous activity. Sometimes we do a lot of works and forget to find time with God in quietness. We need to recharge ourselves with spiritual energy to do our works with enthusiasm. Second, there is the danger of too much withdrawal. For some prayer is a means to escape from their responsibilities. Devotion that does not issue in action is not real devotion. The rhythm of the Christian life is the alternate meeting with God in the secret place and serving men in the market place.

Keeping Safe & Secure Project Update:   As you may recall, our Keeping Safe & Secure porch renovation project was due to begin the first part of July.  Although we are experiencing a slight delay, we are confident in all involved in the effort, and that the extra time needed for planning will bring us to a quality finished project of which we will be pleased and proud. Our timeline should begin around the first of August. Thank you for your understanding, and most of all for your generosity and prayerful support, and for your love and pride for our parish.

Fr. Jerry, Fr. Sinoj, and the Keeping Safe & Secure Campaign Committee