July 15, 2018 Pastor’s Corner

I.  Uncluttered Lives/Traveling Light:   in sending the 12 on their first mission, Jesus instructs them to “travel light”—to focus on the journey and the mission with which they have been entrusted, not on accumulating wealth, status, and power along the way. Clearing out the clutter of our lives in order to make room in our consciences for the more important values of God is a constant struggle for people of faith. But we have been called by Jesus to focus our lives on the treasures given us by God—love, reconciliation, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, mercy—they are found within our hearts and nurtured in a commitment to humbly service others. (Reflect upon the Gospel of Mark 6:7-13). Practically, this week may be a good time to intentionally unclutter our lives.  Or at least, clean out our closets, take what we have not worn in the last year to our Saint Vincent De Paul Store on 18th Street. Give it away!

II. Giving Your Best:  “Just as you cannot understand Christ apart from the kingdom he came to bring, so too your personal mission is inseparable from the building of that kingdom: ‘Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteouness’ (Matthew 6:33). Your identification with Christ and his will involves a commitment to build with him that kingdom of love, justice  and universal peace. Christ himself wants to experience this with you, in all the efforts and sacrifices that it entails, but also in all the joy and enrichment it brings. You cannot grow in holiness without committing yourself, body and soul, to giving your best to this endeavor” (Paragraph #25, from Pope Francis’ most recent Apostolic Exhortation, Gaudete et Exsultate).

Having problems is not so bad. However, there is a special place reserved for people who are problem-free. It is called the cemetery.” (author unknown)

III. Have you introduced anyone to Christ lately? Does someone you know have questions about a life of faith? Could God be prompting you to help him/her to explore the Catholic way of life?  Opportunities to explore questions are open for you and your “someone” to have a brief view of what is entailed in a closer look at the Catholic faith through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) process. The RCIA process is ongoing and meets regularly each Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. in the Media Center located in the Parish office building (enter through the back door off the parking lot). Contact myself, Fr. Sinoj, or Donna Murphy anytime for an appointment. 270/683-6525.

IV.  Refreshment and Relaxation: I will be away from the parish on vacation July 16-28. You are in good hands with a caring and competent team. Fr Sinoj Esthappanu Pynadath, our new parochial vicar, will be available for your spiritual needs. I won’t tell you where I’m journeying, but it has more coastline (34,000 miles) than the rest of the United States combined; more inland water than any other state, has the highest peak in North America (20,320 feet above sea level), has more than 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes! Think northern lights, glaciers, and eskimos. . . . 



The roar of the world is in my ears.

Thank God for the roar of the world!

Thank God for the mighty tide of fears

Against me always hurled!

Thank God for the bitter and ceaseless strife,

And the sting of His chastening rod!

Thank God for the stress and the pain of life,

And Oh, thank God for God!

                                                       Joyce Kilmer

A Frustrating SCAM! Recently, an anonymous someone created a [email protected] email address in my name, and sent it to some parishioners. When the parishioner responded to the email, he/she asked them to send a $200 iTunes Gift Card (GC), then to send them the PIN number to the iTunes GC. This is a SCAM which numerous priests have experienced as of late. If you have questions about “suspicious” communication, contact the parish office.  All emails from the parish office end in @pastoral.org. Just for the record, I filed a police report.