May 13, 2018 Ascension of the Lord

I.  Mothers and godmothers: today is a great day to connect with our godmothers as well as our mothers (living and deceased) those who have exemplified unconditional love, and have connected us with God. We include prayers for mothers facing challenges, including those who are pregnant, facing infertility, mourning, endangered, and more. Many women feel sadness and loss on this day because they have not had a child for which they longed. We give thanks for and honor all those women, all who have shown someone a mother’s love. 

II.  An Apostle Gamble! Because of Judas’ betrayal, it was necessary, according to the Scriptures, for someone to take his place who had witnessed Jesus’ Resurrection. A group of about 120 brothers and sisters in the faith surfaced the names of two men as candidates: Joseph and Matthias. After prayers of discernment, those gathered cast lots. Thus, Matthias became the new chosen apostle, whose feast we celebrate on Monday, May 14.

III. Cathedral Ministries Planning Meeting:  I will be away this week Monday through Thursday at a planning meeting in Seattle. There is no easy way to get to Seattle. Because my flight naturally stops in Denver, I will spend 24 hours there visiting my sister, Jane (Tom) Gaffey, and two of their three children. Please pray for me.

IV.  Attention all 50+ “Young” men and women: 5th Annual Healthcare Fair, Saturday, May 26, 2018. This completely free event is brought to you by the Saint Stephen Cathedral parish Health Care Committee. Please join Deacon Dirck for a fun, informative and healthy morning. Beginning at 7:00 a.m. with fasting bloodwork, opening prayer and continental breakfast. You will have time to attend 9:00 a.m. Mass and return for “Exercise Bingo” and information on healthy eating, use of the Emergency Room and Hospice Care. Everyone is welcomed!!

V.  Wear RED for Pentecost! Next Sunday, we celebrate the birthday of the Church, the Church coming into being in this Pentecost moment. At that first gathering, Jesus’ friends experienced his Spirit in wind and fire, and that same spirit “SPEAKS” to us. Through the Spirit, God has formed us into a community, an instrument for bringing his life and love into our world. In Jesus breathing upon his disciples on Easter night, the new life of the Spirit, the community of resurrection—the Church—takes flight. That same spirit continues to “blow” through today’s Church to give life to our mission: to preach the Gospel to every nation, to proclaim forgiveness in God’s name, to immerse all of humanity into the love of God manifested in Jesus resurrection. The liturgical color for Pentecost is red, representing the Holy Spirit; you are invited and encouraged to wear red to Mass the weekend of May 19-20, the Solemn Feast of Pentecost!