March 4, 2018

  1. A Threatening Outrage: The money changers and those selling unblemished animals for sacrifice were gouging the traveler and the poor, who had no recourse but to purchase what they needed from extortionists. Thus, these abuses in the temple precinct was the reason for Jesus’ outrage, as described by St. John’s cleansing of the temple in today’s Gospel (John 2:13-25). In causing this scene in the temple precinct, Jesus stands within the tradition of the prophets, who come to Israel to call her back to sanctity.  His bold disruption of commerce, and the revenue it provided to the less-than-scrupulous, is experienced as very threatening, as is His comment that he can “raise the temple up in three days.” This comment about his body—but perceived as a threat to the holy building—is very likely the moment that set in motion the desire of the temple authorities to turn in Jesus to Rome.
  2. What is a Scrutiny? The primary ritual for the elect (those who are unbaptized and seeking entrance into the Catholic Church) during this season of Lent is the celebration of three scrutinies. Each scrutiny is designed to “uncover, then heal all that is weak, defective, or sinful. . .and to bring out, then strengthen all that is upright, strong, and good” (RCIA, 141). Celebrated on the third, fourth and fifth Sundays, these purifying, cleansing rites are so important that there is a special ritual Mass in the Missal with unique prayers. As a community, we are given the opportunity to pray and reflect on what is sinful and in need of healing in our own personal lives and in the parish community.
  3. Youth Minister Search Committee: as you know from a previous bulletin announcement, the Cathedral is seeking a full time person to minister in the area of youth and young adults. The deadline for resumes was March 1.  At this writing, we have received nine (9) applications. I have asked the following people to be part of this Search Committee:  Mary Hall, (Diocesan HR Director), Charlie Hardesty (Diocesan Youth Minister), Eddy McFarland (Parish Business Manager), Carl Lewis (Parent), and Amanda Reffitt (Parent). They will recommend the two top candidates to me, after processing the applications, interviewing, and evaluating. Please be praying that the Spirit of God will direct this discernment process.
  4. Faith Unites the Rich and Poor: Imagine the courage of these North African catechumen martyrs, the wealthy Perpetua, the slave girl Felicity, who gave birth in prison and converted even the jailer.  The witness of these two strong, faith filled women, martyred in the amphitheater at Carthage in the year 203, died in the embrace of peace, praying for their persecutors. Why not celebrate Eucharist today, Wednesday, March 7, to honor these heroic women? Masses are at 7:00am & 12:05pm!

Away & Hopeful that UK Wildcats will “show up” for the SEC tournament this year! It’s my “prophetic” conviction that they will peak at tournament time! We’ll see! I will be away from the parish March 8-11 to honor a long standing tradition with nephews and family members to jump on the SEC tournament band wagon! You are in the hands of a wonderful pastoral team with Fr. Jamie available for sacramental needs. Go CATS!

“I, the Lord, am your God. . .keep my commandments.”