September 10, 2017

I.  Did you know?  Our annual Fall Festival Picnic is being transitioned to a FOUNDER’S DAY DINNER AND RAFFLE! Join us on Saturday, September 16th! The festivities begin with Bishop Medley celebrating the 5:00 p.m. Vigil Mass. All parishioners are invited to enjoy a dinner (free of charge) featuring BBQ chicken, burgoo, side dishes, and dessert (cobbler and ice cream). Raffle drawings will be held for cash prizes and vacation getaways! We will also be honoring parishioner Richard Murphy (wife is Donna Murphy of our parish pastoral team), who will have been ordained a permanent deacon that same morning at Holy Spirit Church in Bowling Green. The change of format from the fall festival picnic to a Founder’s Day Dinner/Raffle was made as a result of discussions with the previous picnic committee, Deacon Dirck Curry, and the Parish Pastoral Council. We are hopeful that everyone will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a delicious dinner and raffle drawing. Since there will not be games, a silent auction, or country store as we have offered during past picnics, we are asking everyone to help support the raffle fundraiser. We are hoping this will be a great fundraiser for our parish! There are two raffles: The CASH PRIZE raffle offers prizes of $2,500, $1,000, and three $500 prizes. The VACATION GETAWAY RAFFLE offers three terrific destinations: Remember, you have 3 chances in this year’s Raffle: 1st Prize — Maui condo for a week, with round trip air for 2 and $500 cash; 2nd Prize — Snowshoe Mountain (WVA) condo; and 3rd Prize — Lake Cumberland Cabin Weekend Getaway. Cash raffle tickets are $5.00 each; Vacation Getaway raffle tickets are $25 each. Cash Ticket packets are located at several entrances to the Cathedral.
Please take a packet (or two!), write your name and the packet number on the clipboard, and show your pride in our parish by selling the tickets. Vacation tickets are available in the parish office. Delicious burgoo will also be available for purchase for $25 per gallon, and pre-sales will be available. Watch for more details about pre-sales, coming soon, or please call the office with your pre-order and let us know how many gallons you
would like to purchase. We are grateful for all those who are making this event possible, and it promises to be a great opportunity to gather together as a faith community as well as raise funds for St. Stephen Cathedral. Good luck to everyone who purchases a chance for those great prizes. St. Stephen Cathedral is blessed to have a wonderful, growing parish family—thank you for being members! Hope to see you on Saturday, September 16th.

After five (5) years of preparation, Richard Murphy will be ordained a permanent deacon at 10:00 a.m. on September 16th at Holy Spirit Parish in Bowling Green. Everyone is invited!! “Deacon” Richard Murphy, along with Deacon Dirck Curry, already serve the Diocese in so many ways. Richard serves as head for the Social Concerns Office for the Diocese of Owensboro. Deacons serve the faithful and the Catholic Church by baptizing, witnessing weddings, preaching and blessing sacramentals. Congratulations— “Deacon” Richard
Our readings for next weekend
will be special readings from
Scripture to reflect the Solemnity
of the Dedication of our Church
building. We will not use the
readings for the 24th Sunday in
Ordinary Time.
Acts 7: 44-50
Psalm 83
Ephesians 2: 12-22
Luke 19: 1-10