May 14, 2017

I. Happy Mother’s Day! Taking one day of the year to remember what we should be doing every day–appreciating and honoring our mother!  The people closest to us and who mean the most, we often take for granted. True?  Today might be the time to make contact with your mother, grandmother, godmother, aunt, or “surrogate” (someone like a) mother.  To all those in the parish who nurture life, thank you!

II. May-the Month of Mary: last Sunday’s Mary Crowning was simple and beautiful! Thanks to those First Communion families present, as well as the youth who led us in a decade of the Rosary, reflecting on the fifth of the Glorious mysteries, the Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven. Thanks to those who brought flowers to honor Mary, Queen of peace, Mother of the Jesus, and Mother of our Church which Jesus founded. Thanks to Kelly Hedges and Donna Murphy for organizing this devotional celebration, to Tommy Fulkerson for setting up his PA system on the rectory porch, as well as James Wells for the liturgical aid. Thanks to Debra Johnson, Linda and Dan Coomes for beautifying Mary’s Grotto, and tending to it, along with Jeff Payne. You make a difference!

III. Parish Pastoral Council Discernment: one of the early Church Fathers, St. Augustine, talked about creating a “holy indifference” in regard to discernment; he was referring to being so open to God’s Spirit that one has no pre-conceived notions, ideas, agendas, or prejudices. While we ordinarily think of “indifference” negatively, Augustine’s notion of “holy” indifference is quite the contrary. May the 21 remaining parishioners who are discerning Pastoral Council servant leadership, gather on Thursday, May 18, 6:30-8:00pm in the Undercroft with a “holy indifference”.  I rely on all parishioners to “beef up” your praying for this important call!

IV. Laudate App is everything a Catholic would hope for in an app, and more. It has Scripture readings and Saints of the day, Bible, Our Catechism, Documents of Vatican II, Mysteries of the Rosary and how to pray it, Stations of the Cross, prayers, a very thorough Examination of Conscience, and much more! Laudate is Latin for “let us praise” [God].

V. Good News Corey! The pastoral year for Corey Bruns at the Cathedral will officially end this week; however, I am happy to announce that it has been extended to include his 10-week summer experience in a parish. So, we also extend our welcome to him! Alleluia!