Pastor’s Corner

I. Best Lent Ever: don’t just give up chocolate for Lent; God wants more. God wants our heart! God wants conversion in certain areas of our life! Sign up for Best Lent Ever, a FREE, video-based email program featuring intentionally a claim speaker and New York Times best-selling author Matthew Kelly. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, Matthew will help you identify what stands between you and happiness…and what to do about it. This series of videos is based on the book that we gave away at Christmas, Resisting Happiness. Sign up at

II. What Tempts You? “Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted.” To each taunt by the devil, Jesus responded from the Scriptures, “It is written…” Jesus knew the truth of himself and acted with fidelity. On this first Sunday of Lent, we pause to look within ourselves and see what tempts us and leads us away from God.

III. Election or Acclamation? Sending the Catechumens for Election: today we will have the Rite of Sending of our catechumens (the unbaptized) to the Rite of Election today by Bishop Medley. What a wonderful opportunity for our catechumens, Cain and Courtney Drury to be supported, affirmed, and acclaimed in prayer by our community. This Lenten season is also key for our candidates (those already baptized), Sarah Horn, Len Paden, Alex Reid–let’s support them in prayer and deed. The Rite of Election (being called forth by the affirmation of our community) will take place at St. Stephen Cathedral today at 2:00 p.m. and again at 6:00 p.m.

  1. Parish/Koinonia Retreat: when is the last time You made a retreat? Less than 48 hours of your time could make such a spiritual difference in your life. Beginning on Friday evening about 5:30pm on March 24, and ending on Sunday, March 26, about 5:00 pm, this Koinonia (Greek word for “community”) Retreat is given by parishioners, with Fr. Jerry & Deacon Dirck. Pick up a registration form in the church or the parish office, or download a copy from our website! Register today!
  2. Rice Bowls: this program is not just for families with children. It is for all of us to seek solidarity with those who have not been so blessed. I asked each household/family to pick up a rice bowl, place it on your kitchen table, cut back on what you eat by fasting, and offer that amount on Holy Thursday to God’s people who are hungry.

Educate yourself on how blessed you are. Challenge yourself to share more generously. Growing spiritually is not easy! Ouch!