Pastor’s Corner

World Mission Sunday: in announcing his decision to declare a Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis said, “Dear sisters and brothers, I have often thought about how the Church might make clear its mission of being a witness to mercy.” Supporting the young churches throughout the world with your prayers and generous gifts is indeed a merciful witness of this mission. The annual collection for Mission Sunday will help missionaries give to the poor of these areas practical help as they share the mercy of God. It will ensure the development of local Dioceses, and support the work of priest, religious and lay leaders who serve those on the margins and in most need. “Mercy Changes the World” (this year’s theme), and so does extending your merciful witness to the whole world through your gift!

Alienated From the Church? Curious about the Catholic Church? Please extend an invitation to neighbors/friends who were raised Catholic, and for one reason or another, feel alienated from the Church. Please extend an invitation to anyone who might be curious about the Catholic faith community. This Monday at St. Stephen Cathedral, Tuesday at Blessed Mother, and Wednesday at Sts. Joseph & Paul–October 24. 25, 26–will be an opportunity to deepen your faith. If you can’t get away for a retreat, making these three nights, 6:30pm-8:00pm, a priority will enrich your faith life. Note: for those who have a conflict with the main evening service, there will be a service each day at 8:30am at the prospective churches.


III. Fall Work Day will be Saturday, October 29, 9:00am to 12 noon, with coffee and donuts at 8:30 in the community center. Bring your rakes, tremors, paintbrushes, window cleaning materials, etc. “Many hands make light work”, is in apropos Chinese proverb!

Remembering Loved Ones on November 2, All Souls’ Day. There will be a vesper prayer service at 6:00pm, on Wednesday, November 2, at the Cathedral, followed by a reception in the Community Center. We especially invite those who have lost loved ones this past year.

Election Day Praying: this year more than any other year, it seems to me, we need to be praying for our next president, regardless of who might be elected, as well as our national, state, and local elected officials. There will be an opportunity for praying before the Blessed Sacrament on Tuesday, November 8, from after the noon Mass to 6:00pm, poll closing in Owensboro.