Pastor’s Perspective

Dear Parishioners,

We welcome Joey Beatty to our parish staff.  Joey began as our business manager last Tuesday, after retiring from his job with the city on Monday afternoon.  Understandably, it will take him some time to get to know parishioners, as well as the many responsibilities that come with his new position, but I am confident that he has many gifts to bring to us.  As I mentioned in a previous bulletin, Joey and his wife are members of St. Mary of the Woods Parish in Whitesville.  They have three daughters:  Kirsten, Molli and Erin.

As I welcome Joey, I take this occasion to say a special word of thanks to Russ Hayden.  Russ is the business manager at Blessed Mother Parish, and he has worked with us the past two months to help us stay afloat.  Assisted by Ruth Ann, he has insured that we have paid our bills, filled out necessary reports, met payroll, etc.  I am sure he will also be a great help to Joey as he becomes familiar with our programs and processes.  Thank you, Russ, and God bless you!

Last week, three representatives from Granda Liturgical Arts were here to meet with our contractors and others.  They had a cordial meeting with Bishop Medley, whom they had not met before.  The most important information they gave us is that their work in Spain is progressing on schedule and they see no reason why we will not have their objects here and installed by sometime in October.  It is still too early to set a specific date for a dedication ceremony, but we have a committee that has begun to work on this.  Certainly, no one would be surprised to hear that there were some differences of opinions or different understandings about certain aspects of our project, but all that will be ironed out, and I remain confident that the Cathedral will be beautiful and that you will be both pleased and edified by the restoration.  Don’t forget to look at the pictures on the webpage,

I’m going to Paducah this afternoon to baptize my great-nephew, the son of my nephew, Robbie and his wife Emily.  Last summer, I witnessed the marriages of two of Robbie’s brothers and now both of them and their spouses are expecting girls in June.  Looks like more family baptisms this summer!

Love, Fr. John