July 18 – Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

From our Parochial Vicar, Fr. Sinoj Pynadath:

 We have a new shepherd: We have welcomed Fr. John Thomas into our midst. Let us thank and praise God for His providence and guidance through our shepherds. Being grateful to all our pastors in the past let us open our hearts to our new pastor, encourage him, support him and pray for him. Fr. John Thomas began his ministry to us on Tuesday, July 13. We wish him all the best and fruitfulness in his new assignment. Fr. John is the youngest of six children and was raised at St. Agnes parish in Uniontown, KY. He entered the seminary  in 1984, graduated from Thomas More College in 1988 and began graduate studies at St. Meinrad Seminary. Fr. John was ordained a priest in May 1993. He has served as associate pastor at St. Thomas More (Paducah) and Holy Name of Jesus (Henderson); Director of Liturgy and Enrollment at St. Meinrad; and pastor of Sts. Peter & Paul (Hopkinsville), St Michael (Oak Grove), St. Stephen (Cadiz), Christ the King (Madisonville), Holy Spirit (Bowling Green), St. Michael the Archangel (Guthrie), and now Saint Stephen Cathedral.

We are shepherds: The Liturgy of the Word on this 16th Sunday in the Ordinary Time prompts us to reflect on our God who as a Good Shepherd redeems us and provides for us. Prophet Jeremiah admonishes the irresponsible leaders of Israel and promises the people of a Redeemer, a Good Shepherd. That promise is fulfilled in Jesus as He in the Gospel, cares for the weary apostles and people and attends to their physical and spiritual need. These readings also challenge us to look into our life and use our God-given authority in the family, in the Church, and in the society with fidelity, responsibility and compassion, because we are shepherds. As shepherds, let us remind ourselves that we need to constantly find time with God in prayer in order to be rejuvenated to be faithful to our call. And we shall strive to develop a balance between prayer and action in order to be faithful and fruitful witnesses of our Lord the Good Shepherd. 

St. Bridget (1303 – 1373): She has a significant place in the history of the Church. A married woman for 20 years, mother of 8 children, turned a mystic and a prophet in the Church. She had great influence on the kings and popes of her time, through which she could strive to bring reformation and unity in the Church. Her mystical experiences and revelations became very popular in the middle ages. She encouraged all to meditate on the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. We celebrate her on Friday, July 23rd