The Most Holy Trinity – May 30, 2021

From our Parochial Vicar, Father Sinoj Pynadath:

  1. Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity: A Gift of Relationship! Today, the Sunday after Pentecost, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is a basic doctrine of Faith, which shall be understood not with our heads but with our hearts. Our understanding of this amazing mystery should mature with the rest of our growth in Faith. Jesus has given us the revelation that God is One, but never solitary; one God whose three Persons are in constant dialogue with one another; one God whose three Persons show that God is love. A beautiful summary of this Faith we proclaim at the end of the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass, through Him, with Him, and in Him…..and solemnly we acclaim “Amen.”

  2. This Solemnity is a celebration of relationship. The Relationship of our God as Father with love FOR us, our God as Son Jesus WITH us always and our God as Spirit IN us moving us to share and live this unique and amazing relationship with God. In the Eucharist we celebrate and live relationship, we encounter the one who is relationship, God the Father, Son and Spirit and we are drawn into God’s very life of Communion as we receive Holy Communion. So at all times, let us remind ourselves that we are in relationship with our God. And may we manifest in our community, our neighborhood, and above all our families, the love and unity of the Most Holy Trinity.

  3. Glorious celebration! Last Sunday we had a glorious celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation by our Bishop. Once again congratulations to all the candidates. I would like to mention our appreciation and thanks to all the people who were part of this celebration especially, Crissy Stevenson who has been preparing them for this sacrament. Thanks to all who helped her in the process of their formation and celebrations. Thank you all

  4. First Friday: We have begun praying Stations of the Cross after the noon Mass on every First Friday of the month. Most of us relate the devotion of the Stations of the Cross only with the season of Lent. But we can also use this devotion to be reminded of the great mystery of salvation at any time of our faith life. Reflections on the suffering and death of Jesus shall help us to reconcile with God. We also have opportunities for confessions and Holy Hour on the Thursday before First Friday.

  5. Memorial Day: This Monday, May 31st we shall remember all with gratitude and pride all the military personnel who have been faithful in protecting and serving our nation. Only one Holy Mass will be celebrated on this day at 9 am. Let us come together to thank and praise God and pray for all those brave souls. This day is also the Feast of Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A feast that commemorates the visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth which became the lovely occasion of Mary’s sublime hymn, the Magnificat (“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord”)

  6. Celebrate with Fr. Jerry! This coming weekend, June 5/6 is our Celebrations with Fr. Jerry. We shall gather at any of the Masses to express our gratitude to God and Fr. Jerry and spend a few moments of appreciation and good wishes with him. We have gifts from him too. He has given many of his books to us. They will be available in our Community Center for all of us to pick what we want. And let us make use of all the opportunities available to show our appreciation to him.