May 2, 2021 – Fifth Sunday of Easter

From Fr. Sinoj Pynadath, our Parochial Vicar

  1. Month of Mother Mary: She deserves special honor and veneration among all the saints because She is the Mother of Jesus, true God and true man, and is the perfect disciple. Furthermore, true, healthy devotion to Mary always points the way to her Son, Jesus. The month of May is traditionally dedicated to honor Mary in a special way. The way she is honored in this month varies in the Universal Church but mostly it is expressed by way of offering flowers as it is the time the earth begins to bloom at least in parts of the world. We invite all of you to come and honor Mary at our Marian Grotto any time through the Month of May. Vases are available at the Marian Grotto for flowers to be placed. Let us also take this chance to encourage our children to develop special devotion to Mother Mary.

  2.  First Holy Communion: Thirteen of our young people made their First Holy Communion last Sunday. It’s always an important day in the life of any parish. Eucharist is central to our lives individually and as a community. Eucharist is the “source and summit” of Christian life and can lead to true holiness. Congratulations to all the children. Dear parents, thank you for the tremendous influence and care you have on your children in their faith formation. Your example of prayer and parish involvement speaks volumes to your child. Let us continue to nurture the Life of Eucharist in us and in our children.

  3. Praying the Rosary: Since the beginning of the twelfth (12th) century, the Rosary has been a key devotion in the Church, modeled after the 150 Psalms which monks were praying in countryside monasteries, and based upon the actions and events in the life of Jesus which are the revelation of the Mystery of our Salvation.  You will find rosaries and a pamphlet on “How to Pray the Rosary” at the doors of church. Please feel free to pick them and pray the rosary and inspire others to do so. Let’s offer at least an intentions for Fr. Jerry. We appreciate all the members of our parish Rosary Makers Group for making and supplying us with rosaries.  visit:

  4. Abide in Christ: The Scripture Readings this weekend emphasize the need for us to abide in Christ in order to be fruitful as Christians. The expressions of our Faith through the Sacraments and devotional practices are the ways we attempt to abide in Christ. Abiding in Christ, the true vine, also involves pruning; cutting out of our lives anything that is against the spirit of Christ. What are the ways we need to work on to abide in Christ?

  5. Way of the Cross on first Friday: Starting this Friday we will pray the Stations of the Cross after the noon Mass every first Friday. Volunteers are welcome to take the leadership of this devotion on Frist Fridays. We also have the usual opportunity for confessions and on this Thursday from 4:30-5:30 PM. These are some of the ways of the Church that help us to “abide in Christ.” Please note: we will not have a Holy Hour this Thursday, May 6, due to a wedding rehearsal.