March 22, 2020 – Fourth Sunday of Lent

Keeping Faith in Times of the Unknown: These are certainly worrisome times in which we are living. How everyday life has changed in just a week’s time!  Most of us have never experienced the unprecedented cancelling of Masses or living under the strict recommendations our state and Federal governments are imposing. To protect the health of ourselves and those around us, we need to be prudent and cautious. But how can we take care of our spiritual selves? We can strive to not give in to fear and panic. Clinging to one another and to our faith in Jesus Christ can help ease our fears. Use this opportunity to spend time in prayer every day; read Scripture alone or with your family; pray the rosary; pray for all who are affected by this virus and the fear it has instilled in so many.

        I ask each of you to read and reflect upon the daily Scripture readings (especially on Sunday). I remind you that in the early days of the Church, families worshipped, prayed, and shared a meal together at home—this development of faith was known as the Domestic Church or the Home Church. Pray for doctors, nurses, and all those in healthcare. Pray for our parish family. If you’re able to help a neighbor in some way, perhaps by bringing them something from the grocery store or pharmacy, reach out and offer your help. Placing a phone call to someone who lives alone could provide them with a bit of comfort and encouragement. If you are at home with your family, spend time together in prayer, enjoy meals, play board games, or watch movies. We are in this together, and together we can get through it by taking care of ourselves and others, and living our faith.

         In Joy and Hope, Fr. Jerry


The Desert, The Mountain, The Well of Jacob. . .

—On the first Sunday of Lent, we were invited into the DESERT to embrace our demons and know that God’s Grace is sufficient. Notice Jesus confronted each temptation with Words of Scripture!

—On the second Sunday of Lent, we

were invited up the MOUNTAIN, Mount Tabor, to get a glimpse of Jesus divinity. Our mountaintop experiences will support and fortify us during tough times in the valley, where life is lived.

—Last Sunday, the third Sunday of Lent we visited the WELL of JACOB, where the woman meets Jesus at high noon; that encounter changes her life. This woman at the well has at least three sticks against her:  she is a Samaritan, a woman, and an outcast. Jesus plugs into her thirstiness, and offers her “living water” that is the gift of salvation. Notice the development of her faith—first recognizing Jesus as a Jewish man, then as a prophet, and finally as the Messiah! Are you spiritually thirsty?


The Fifth Sunday & Vincent de Paul: as you know, we have parish volunteers who meet face to face with the needy of the area every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00–12:00 in the parish office. This essential ministry (reflect upon Matthew 25ff) is possible only because of your generous donations on the fifth Sunday of every month (many also give online through WeShare any time). Our next fifth Sunday is March 29!

     Many thanks to those involved in this ministry: Linda Beam, Harry Bellew (SSC Conference President), Peggy Bellew (SSC Pastoral Council Social Concerns liaison), Bob Berry, Bill Goetz, John Hein, Larry Lyon, Bob Mahoney, Jess & Nora Mattingly (Jess is SSC Conference Treasurer), Amy Payne, Denise Payne (SSC Conference Secretary), Gene Schadler, Martina Wedding and Bill & Shannon Wright. Do you feel a call to help with this ministry? Be as generous as you can. If you are able to give to this worthy cause, please drop your gift by the parish office.