April 7, 2019 – 5th Sunday of Lent

Keeping Safe & Secure Project Update

Our porch is now open! We are pleased to have a safe, beautiful new structure. New railings and lighting have been installed and a “green space” for plantings has been built in front of the porch on the street level; bushes and plants were recently added. The gold panels on the front doors have been restored. The diocesan coat of arms will grace the limestone on the center of the porch on the street level; it is being crafted and will be installed in coming weeks.

Renovations to the existing restrooms in the downstairs hallway are complete and feature new fixtures and aesthetic improvements; the outside restroom trailer is now closed and will be sold in the coming weeks. We were glad to have been able to offer extra facilities to our guests and parishioners during this renovation! The downstairs hallway has been repainted and new guest chairs have been added. Plans for the upgrades to our church campus security are underway, and we will keep you informed of the progress.

A few remaining items will be completed once the weather is consistently warm. These include applying sealant to the porch surface, painting of the inside/outside of the porch doors around the gold panels, applying a stucco finish to the walls leading down to the basement level. A new railing will soon be installed along the ramp near the elevator.

Most importantly, I want to report that without the support, generosity, and prayers of our parishioners and benefactors, this project would not have been possible. To date, $584,004.22 has been pledged toward this project, and $351,116.90 (61%) has been paid; the remaining pledge balance to be paid is $232,887.32. Thank you! We are deeply grateful for all those who have completed their contribution and to those who continue to honor their financial pledge.  Every contribution, large and small, has made a difference! We are also grateful for the support of Bishop Medley and the Diocese of Owensboro.

May God bless you abundantly! Let’s continue to be a hospitable and welcoming faith community! Welcoming is a pillar of a vibrant parish! Please continue to pray for Saint Stephen Cathedral parish, and know that I remember all of you in my prayers.