February 11, 2018

I.  Men & Faith: Catholic Men’s Conference of Western Kentucky will host their seventh annual conference at the Riverpark Center on Saturday, February 17th. Keynote speakers will be Christopher West (best selling author, speaker, teacher, and expert in John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”), and Doug Barry (host for EWTN’s “Battle Ready”). Tickets are $15 for students and $30 for adults. This includes your lunch. Buy them online at kycatholic.com.

II. Ash Wednesday & Valentine’s Day: Ashes & Love (the cross and Resurrection), a great meld because in order to experience new life for which we yearn, we have to engage the discipline of self-denial. Fasting (what we eat equals no more than one meal) and Abstinence (no meat) that healthy adults observe, is not to look or feel holy, but to invite—through self denial—inner purification by God. We also do this as an act of solidarity with those throughout the world who have less than we do. If we turn our abstinence into a treat (for example having an a lush fish dinner in place of our ordinary fare) we almost defeat the purpose. Simple meals best reflect the purpose of this practice.

III. Ashes—A Call to Repent, A Reminder of our Mortality: While it is no sin to wash the ashes off after Mass, many keep them on their forehead as a witness throughout the day. Often, ashes become a discussion starter for people outside the Christian family or for those who have not yet been taught their meaning. Much in the way that our Muslim sisters and brothers have taught us the meaning of the Ramadan fast, Ash Wednesday provides an opening for us to share our faith and to highlight that our lives as followers of Jesus should be those of humble service to others. Holy Mass, on the 14th, will be celebrated at 7:00 a.m. & Noon at the Cathedral and 6:00 p.m. at Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

IV.  Lent: An Evangelization Opportunity—Recent research reveals that half of the adults who have been raised Catholic (52%) leave the church at some point. But 43% of those who think of themselves as “cultural Catholics” can imagine that they might return to the Church at some point in their lives. Our invitation may be an important part of their process. Inviting someone to our parish Lenten Fish Fry dinner on March 16th, the Stations of the Cross on Wednesday midday or Friday evening, That Man Is You for men, Marriage Matters for couples,weekday Mass or the Catholic Men’s Conference, can be an easy way to experience returning to the Catholic community. Never underestimate how God might work through your simple invitation. I invite YOU to join FORMED.org today and start a Lent and a lifetime of engaging yourself and your family in our Catholic Faith.

Repent and believe in the Gospel.

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