December 10, 2017

I.  Light the Second Candle of Advent! Not all prophets wear camel skins and eat locusts! There are prophets among us right now who proclaim in their ministries, in their compassion, in their kindness, in their courageous commitment to what is right, that Jesus the Messiah has come. At baptism each of us is anointed to be a prophet (one who proclaims), to do the work of transforming the world around us. Who are the “prophets” among us who proclaim the presence of God in our midst? How can we make the traditional and practical preparations for the coming Christmas season experiences of “grace?”

II.  Theology on Tap—Thirsting for more? Theology on Tap returns this Monday, December 11th, 6:00pm, at Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant, located at 2845 W. Parrish Ave. This speaker series takes place in a local bar or restaurant and is for people college age through their 30’s, single or married.  This series focuses on topics of faith and contemporary issues that directly affect the lives of the young adults in our community and our Diocese. Don’t miss this presentation: “Set Apart—our identity in Christ,” featuring our own parishioner, former pro-baseball player Wade Gaynor. Wade will speak on our eternal identity and how his faith led him to the Catholic Church! Contact Charlie Hardesty/Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry at the Diocese of Owensboro:  [email protected] or 270/683-1545.

III.  Patroness of the Americas! The story of the origins of the miraculous image of our Lady of Guadalupe is well known. Juan Diego, whose feast we celebrated Saturday, December 9th, was a quiet, humble man; a poor peasant living in Mexico. When Mary appeared to him and asked him to tell the local bishop to build a church in her honor, Juan Diego became a very reluctant messenger. The bishop would not believe him. So Mary filled Juan Diego’s tilma (cloak) with roses in December! When he emptied out these beautiful flowers at the bishop’s feet, a wonderful image of the Virgin Mary, dressed like a young Aztec woman, was imprinted on his tilma. You are invited to celebrate this Solemnity of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the 7:00am or 12:05pm Mass Tuesday, December 12th, as the Church throughout the Americas, North, Central, and South, honors Mary under this title.

IV.  Communal  Advent Reconciliation Service will be on Sunday, December 17th at 2:00 at the Cathedral. The repentance that most of us need, the “turning around” that most of us require, is not a hard thing, but it is a change of attitude toward life, and toward the things we think important now. Repentance is not about beating one’s breast saying what a miserable sinner one has been, repentance is not saying “I’m sorry,” over and over again. Repentance is doing things in a new way, a way that gives life both to yourself and others, a way that allows Christ to enter more deeply into our hearts. We hope to have 12 priests here as confessors next Sunday. Be examining your conscience. Be asking for God’s grace. Be praying.

“Am I not here, I who am your mother?”  Our Lady of Guadalupe