August 6, 2017

I.  Pancakes for Corey!  It has been a joy to have Corey Bruns living, ministering, relaxing, organizing, phoning, dialoguing, cooking, singing, studying(?), laughing, praying with us the last 11 months during his seminarian internship at the Cathedral. Through it all, he has worked his way into our hearts, and we will miss him. Yet, we are delighted to send him forth to St. Meinrad to begin his theological studies on that mysterious and exciting journey to priesthood.  St. Meinrad is only a 45 minute drive, and the tiny “Seminarian Room” at St. Stephen Cathedral rectory is always open!  We promise you our prayers.

After the Sunday Masses on August 13, you can honor Corey by eating pancakes in the Community Center. The fellowship and pancakes are free; there will be a basket  for  donations,  if  you  are  so  moved,  to assist our youth in participating in the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis in the Fall.

II.  The World is Not Evil: A contemporary of Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Dominic (1170-1221) founded a mendicant order (those who rely on the charity of others) of men, called the Order of Preachers, or Dominicans, to preach against theological error. One of the pressing issues facing the newly established order was the Albigensian heresy, claiming that matter, specifically the body, is evil. Contrary to this heretical thinking, the Black Friars went from town to town preaching the goodness of the body. In order to preach sound doctrine with clarity, St. Dominic exhorted his sons to engage in rigorous academic study. He eventually started a contemplative female branch of Dominicans to support the apostolate of the men through prayer. We remember Dominic this Tuesday, August 8.

III. Brescia Sunday Dedicated to the Memory of Bishop John McRaith: “Brescia University is the center of Catholic higher education in Western Kentucky. I encourage you to invest in Brescia today. Since its beginning in 1950, Brescia has been the beacon of higher education throughout the area. Certainly the unselfish dedication of the Ursuline Sisters over these many years has been a great witness. Please join me in support of our college” (Bishop John Jeremiah McRaith in 1989). Our donation will be matched up to $25,000. Learn more about the “Catholic Connection Grant” for high school students to continue their faith-based education at the university level (refer to the bulletin insert). Be generous on August 12–13 on Brescia Sunday!

IV.  Thank You for your Generous St. Vincent de Paul Donations! On every fifth Sunday (four times a year), you have the opportunity to assist the members of our St. Vincent de Paul Outreach by your monetary donations. Last Sunday $2,544.00 was collected!

You may also donate online through WeShare; just visit and click on “Give Online.” There is a parish volunteer available  from 9-12:00 noon each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to meet face to face with people in our area who are in need. If you feel so called, I invite you to contact Harry Bellew (chair), Donna Tarantino, or myself. We could use a few more compassionate, non-judgmental, listening parishioners.