Pastor’s Corner

I. A Month of Re-Membering: All Saints, All Souls, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Feast of Christ the King are about remembering. Note that in the Jewish Scriptures, there was a golden thread of remembering, in order to keep alive the memory of spiritual ancestors, communal trials and trauma, moments of peace and prosperity. If our faith is to grow, it is imperative we remember what God has done for us individually and through our family of faith; we, too, recall the ebb and flow of sin and grace, darkness and light in our own lives. Let us not forget, despite it all, how God has blessed us beyond measure. To remember is to celebrate God’s faithfulness with gratitude! Eucharist is our chief way to express thankfulness! November, welcome!

II. Voting Privilege and Responsibility: Election day this Tuesday calls Catholics to place an informed vote. Look at all the issues, and there are many! You may wish to consult the US bishops guide for voting, In a time where people around our globe are dying for the right to vote, I find it lamentable that less than 50% of US citizens will take advantage of this right and responsibility. Please exercise your privilege to make an informed vote!

III. Disciples Response Fund Update: I am inspired by your generous support of this year’s Disciples Response Fund appeal. Because of your generosity we have surpassed our parish goal of $23,186.21. To date, we have received 211 pledges representing over $48,088.06. Of that amount, $33,066.85 have already been paid. For every dollar raised over our goal, our parish receive 50% of those dollars in the form of a rebate. Most importantly, our donations help fund the many good works out the Diocese of Owensboro throughout Western Kentucky including seminary education, Gasper River youth camp programs, support for the poor and homeless, grants available to parishes, and more. May God bless you for your generous offerings of pledges and prayers for the DRF appeal. Thank you! You are greatly appreciated!

IV. Theology of Stewardship is about being a disciple who realizes how we have been blessed; once we realize what God has done for us through Jesus Christ, we want to give back. You will receive Stewardship materials in the mail before this week vanishes. Time (how do you spend the 168 hours each week), Talent (everyone has some gift to share), and Treasure (it’s about the principle behind the story of the widow’s mite in Mark 12:38-44). “Your checkbook is a theological document; it tells you who and what you worship” (Billy Graham).

On behalf of this faith community, I ask you–every registered family–to make a commitment to our Saint Stephen Cathedral community for the 2017 calendar year. Our annual Stewardship Commitment officially begins on Nov. 5-6 and will conclude Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day. “No One Ever Becomes Poor by Giving” (Anne Frank).  Again, it’s not the amount as much as the sacrifice which so many of you make. Thank you!

V. Festival of Faith: note the Tour of Faith Homes on Sunday, November 6, 2-4:00: Islam make center of (Owensboro), 3131 Alvey Park Drive. West; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 3290 Highway 60 E.; Buddhists (earth-based traditions), Corner of Cedar St. and Parish Ave. Wednesday, November 9, and open house at Tri-state Hindu temple, 6044 Van Rd./Newburgh, Indiana introduction to Hinduism and Aarti, 6-8:00 PM. Pick up a brochure at the doors of church or consult the following website: