Pastor’s Corner

I. Sam Rasp Commits To FOCUS (The Fellowship of Catholic University Students): founded in 1997, by Curtis Martin and Dr. Edward Sri, at Benedictine College in Atchinson, Kansas. It began with two staff members and 24 students. In 1998, Curtis met with Pope John Paul II, who told him, “Be soldiers!” FOCUS’ purpose, what the organization calls “The Main Thing,” is: “inviting college students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. Inspiring and equipping them for a lifetime of Christ-centered evangelization, discipleship, and friendship in which they lead others to do the same.”
FOCUS currently has over 500 full-time staff members. FOCUS takes recent college graduates, trains them in the teachings of the Catholic Church, Scripture and practical aspects of ministry, and sends them out (with the approval of the local bishop). They are typically in teams of four to serve on college campuses. Sam made an initial two-year commitment to this full-time work on campuses. After joining with those at daily Mass on Monday, May 23rd, I blessed him and promised Sam as he left for training, that Saint Stephen Cathedral Parishioners would be praying for him.

II. Cathedral Soup Kitchen: over 25 years ago there was a soup kitchen in the undercroft of our church building. When the Daniel Pitino Shelter was founded, the soup kitchen moved its location there, still bearing the name “Cathedral Soup Kitchen!” It opens at 8:00am for coffee and donuts, 11:00am for a hot meal, Monday through Saturday; Sunday at 12 noon for donuts and coffee, at 2pm, a hot meal is served. Meals are served 365 days a year! Presently we have 13 parishioners who volunteer there! More are needed! If you are interested, call Kelsey Rhodes (270.316.2678) or Shelia Howard (270.314.1179).

Have you thought about becoming a
Minister of Care visiting the sick/shut-in?
A Jail Visitor?
A Cathedral Soup Kitchen worker?
A Companion for Saint Benedict Shelter for Men once every three months?
A Habitat for Humanity helper?
Is the Lord calling you?
Call the office to leave your name and number!

III. Life is both Fragile and Precious: a gift from God that we sometimes take too much for granted, we are brought face-to-face with how much we cling to life and God, when life is taken away. Luke’s concept of Jesus manifests a special care and concern for all who are poor, oppressed, ostracized, sick, or marginalized. Moved with pity for the widow (Luke 7:11-17) whose only son has just died, Jesus consoles her by raising up her son and restoring him to her; this widow is about to be left without any social, economic, and political security. People who witnessed Jesus’ actions are amazed and glorify God by proclaiming that in Christ, a great prophet has arisen and has come to “visit His people.”