Pastor’s Corner

THANK YOU Deacon Dirck and to his wife, Chona, for a wonderful Health Fair 2016! Everyone had a wonderful experience. It is such a blessing to be able to take advantage of such basic tools to keep ourselves healthy. That is part of our call to be “good stewards”—we start by taking care of the body God has given us. We all enjoyed good food, good fellowship, and lots of helpful tips for healthy living—made easy! We could not do this without you. We are blessed to have you share your faith with us but also your expertise. Healthy living to all!

I. Month of May Honors Mary! The person of Mary is the image most created by artists of all times! Did you see the lead article with Mary’s bold cover picture on National Geographic magazine a few months ago? Because Mary is the mother of Jesus, true God and true man, and the perfect disciple, we honor (not adore) her; furthermore, true, healthy devotion to Mary always points the way to her Son, Jesus. As we crown Mary today at our grotto, we pray that we become as open and committed as she was to the Father’s plan. The Crowning and Procession will take place after the 9:00 a.m. Mass.

II. Praying the Rosary: since the beginning of the twelfth (12th) century, the Rosary has been a key devotion in the Church, modeled after the 150 Psalms which monks were praying in countryside monasteries, and based upon the actions and events in the life of Jesus and events leading up to His arrival. Are you aware that Pope Saint John Paul the II added the Luminous Mysteries (or the Mysteries of Light) to the Rosary for our meditation in 2002? Thanks to the members of our parish Rosary Makers Group for supplying us with rosaries and a pamphlet on “How to Pray the Rosary” at the doors of church. Please be sure to take one and take one for someone you know would benefit from it.

III. Joseph, the Worker: in addition to the March 19th, Feast of Saint Joseph, in 1955, Pope Pius XII instituted a second feast that would honor Joseph under the role of “worker.” Not only the patron saint of the Universal Church and of fathers, Joseph is also the patron saint of workers. The Pope hoped to promote the dignity of labor and to encourage a spiritual dimension to labor unions. He emphasized the importance of work to the Christian life and to show how the labor of human beings is a dimension of faith in which we can pursue Christian virtue. Do you see work as building up the Kingdom of God?  Perhaps we can reflect on ways we could better incorporate a life of faith into our daily work.
Saint Joseph, pray for us!

“St. Joseph took care of the Holy Family, as in our hopes, he will help take care of [us]. St. Joseph raised Jesus in Nazareth where Jesus grew in holiness. Joseph taught Jesus in his trade as a carpenter—a trade which supported the Holy Family. Joseph always trusted God. St. Joseph died a happy death in the arms of Jesus and Mary.”