Pastor’s Corner

I. God’s Triumph in Unlikely Circumstances: The Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, the Apostle, is celebrated January 25. Before Paul meets the Risen Lord on the road to Damascus, his name is Saul; he is dedicated to persecuting viciously the followers of Jesus Christ. Imagine yourself among those early Christians who hear that Saul, one of the most feared enemies of your community, has encountered the Lord and changed his life entirely to serve Him from then on. Although certainly astonishing, the conversion of St. Paul is also deeply inspiring, for it tells us that God does not hold our mistakes against us, but rather calls us to turn our minds and hearts to follow his Son instead. The conversion of St. Paul is proof that no one is too far beyond the call of the Lord to follow, and that in Christ, change for the better is always possible

II. Men’s Conference: The Annual Conference for Men, with some high powered speakers, will be hosted by Saint Stephen Cathedral on Saturday, February 13, with registration in the Community Center at 8:30AM, and the first conference at 9:30AM. Topics: What it means to be a Catholic man in a secular society; How to become better sons, brothers, fathers, husbands and men; Why do we have an obligation to evangelize? You are also invited to join Bishop Medley for the 5:00PM Mass at the end of the conference.

III. Parish Retreat is for YOU! Everyone 18 years of age or older is invited seriously to consider making a retreat which focuses upon key elements of our faith. Reserve March 4–6 on your calendar! The commitment is 48 hours; not at all earthshaking, compared to what is at stake! Applications are at the doors of church.

IV. Five Vacation Days! I plan to be away from the parish from Monday, January 25 through Friday, January 29. You are in good hands with the parish staff and Father Suneesh Mathew.

V. On-Going Continuing Education for Priests: Our brief time together as a presbyterate at St. Meinrad last week was good. We discussed: 1). The strategies for action on the three vision statements for the Diocese of Owensboro Diocese Pastoral Plan; 2). A panel lead us in discussion of how best to minister to millennials; 3). Bishop Medley held a conference talking about the State of the Diocese; 4). We celebrated the 50th anniversary as a priest for Fr. Delma Clemens, and 25 years as a priest for Fr. Ray Clark; and 5). The best, in my opinion, was the opportunity we had to talk, discuss, pray, eat, laugh, and play together!

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry