Pastor’s Corner

I. Annual Priests’ Convocation: All of us must continue our education, unless we want to wither on the vine. Many of you are aware that the second full week of January is ordinarily the time when the priests of our diocese gather with our Bishop to study, to reflect, to discuss, to pray together. Father Suneesh and I will be away from the parish from Monday, January 11, through Thursday evening, January 14. We will have the 7:00AM Mass on Monday, January 11, and 7:00AM and 12:05PM Mass on Friday, January 15; otherwise, there will be a prayer service with the Scriptures of the day at regularly scheduled Mass times. Please pray for Bishop Medley and the priests of our Diocese, especially for Father Suneesh and me.

II. Annual Men’s Conference will be at Saint Stephen Cathedral on Saturday, February 13, beginning with registration in the Community Center at 8:30AM; the first conference begins at 9:30AM. There will be ample opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, with a dozen priests available as confessors. The day will be crowned by celebrating Mass with Bishop William Medley, our chief shepherd of the Diocese of Owensboro, at 5:00PM. Every man, 18 years of age or older, is invited and asked to seriously consider giving this day to continuing spiritual formation. Nothing to lose; everything to gain!

III. Parish Retreat: You are invited to participate in the Koinonia (in Greek means “community”) Retreat at Saint Stephen Cathedral, beginning Friday at 5:00PM, and ending Sunday at 5:00PM. You will not regret giving these 48 hours to strengthening your faith! Yes, you will go home to sleep in your own bed! Reserve the fourth weekend of Lent, March 4-6.

IV. Called to Serve: During the special season of Christmas, thanks to sacristans, servers, ushers/hospitality ministers, cantors, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, Diocesan Event Welcomers, and those who helped transform our worship space from Advent to Christmas to Ordinary Time. Especially during this time of year, it takes real commitment and flexibility to serve our community as a liturgical minister. A special thank you to Michael Bogdan, Director of Liturgy, and James Wells, Director of Music, for ministering so well!

V. Christmas Gratitude: Thank you for your cards, prayers, and assorted gifts during the Christmas season; your many expressions of support and love are valued beyond measure. On behalf of the entire pastoral staff, I also thank you for the fruit, cookies, candy, pastries, and gifts you bestowed upon us! Your kindness and thoughtfulness are much appreciated!

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry