Pastor’s Corner

I. Generosity of Saint Nicholas: The best known story about Saint Nicholas is about a poor man who could not feed or clothe his three daughters. Upon hearing of this man’s dire situation, Nicholas tossed three bags of gold through his window one evening so the man could tend to his daughters’ needs. Modern folklore about Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, and Father Christmas are based on the stories of St. Nicholas and his great love for and generosity toward children. Nicholas, who lived in the fourth century, was Bishop of the city of Myra in Asia Minor.

II. Holy Day on Tuesday, December 8: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary: Her total freedom from the stain of Original Sin from the moment of her conception. Even when it promises to be difficult, Mary’s response shows her willingness to place herself fully in God’s hands. Mary is always seen within the context of the Church, as the model disciple. Bishop Medley will celebrate the noon Mass to “officially” open the Jubilee Year of Mercy for the Diocese of Owensboro. Masses on Tuesday, December 8, at 7:00AM, 12:00 NOON, and 6:00PM at SSC, with a vigil Mass 6:00PM on Monday, December 7, at Blessed Sacrament Chapel (7th and Sycamore).

III.  Holy Year Door:  On Thanksgiving Day, Bishop Medley officially “sealed” the center doors near the baptismal font as the Holy Year Door. The door of the church is the “silent witness to all the moments of our life” (USCCB, About the Jubilee Door,1999). Various sacramental rituals begin at the door: the priest or deacon welcomes the parents as they bring their child for baptism; he greets the bride and groom as they begin the wedding liturgy; he greets the catechumens at the Rite of Acceptance; and he greets the casket at the beginning of the funeral liturgy. Jesus is the door! Pope Francis says, “There is only one way that opens wide the entrance into the life of communion with God: This is Jesus…”  Our Holy Year Door is to be reverenced as a worthy symbol of Christ and a welcome invitation to seek Jesus within the faith community of the Diocese of Owensboro.

IV. Behind the Miraculous Appearance and Icon that define Our Lady of Guadalupe is the story of persistence and courage of an indigenous peasant farmer, Juan Diego, who had no status, power, or influence.  This story also teaches us trust and the certainty that, when God calls us to proclaim His Kingdom, we are surrounded by the grace we need to see our mission through. May we persist in sharing the Good News, even in the face of great challenges. Join us Saturday, December 12, at our 9:00AM Mass.

V. Special Collection for Retired Religious: We will be accepting donations for the support of retired religious the weekend of December 13. Donations maybe placed in the regular collection basket in the empty envelope provided in your tithing packet, or you may use the envelopes at the end of the pews. Please prayerfully consider your donations to support those who have dedicated their lives to serving God, the Church, and Catholics everywhere. Be as generous as you can be.

In Joy and Hope,
Fr. Jerry