Pastor’s Corner

I. Remembering Our Deceased Loved Ones: The day after All Saints’ Day, we pause to remember our loved ones who have died. Many people will flock to cemeteries around our city, state, country, and world to honor and pray for loved ones who have died. At 6:00PM on Monday, November 2, All Souls’ Day, you are invited to remember, pray for, and honor your loved ones who have died; a reception will follow.

II. AWOL Voters: It is predicted that less than 30% of Kentuckians will exercise their right to vote on Tuesday, November 2. Sad! Exercising our right to vote, if nothing else, validates the human sacrifices of past patriots. Since childhood, I have been taught that I have the duty, as a citizen of the U.S. and as a member of the Catholic Church. Show up this Tuesday! Place an informed vote!

III. Hanging Out with Bartimaeus:  I challenged you last weekend to spend time with Bartimaeus (Mk. 10:46-52), whom Jesus asked: “What do you want me to do for you?” Am I aware of my  blind spots?

SELFISHNESS blinds me to the needs of others;
INSENSITIVITY blinds me to the harm I’m causing others;
SNOBBERY blinds me to the equal dignity of others;
PRIDE blinds me to my own faults;
PREJUDICE blinds me to the truth;
HURRY blinds me to the beauty of the world around me;
MATERIALISM blinds me to spiritual values.

IV. The Right to Life Banquet last month was well done. A young 12-year-old girl shared her gratitude to her birth mother for placing her into a loving home with loving parents. A mother of two, who was present with her husband, shared tearfully, via video (thanks to Fr. Josh McCarty and Lolek Productions) how she had had an abortion when she was 16 years-old because she thought she had no choice. The mother of Tim Tebow spoke inspiringly of her difficult pregnancy and how her decision not to abort has blessed her and her family. I couldn’t help but notice that two-thirds of the leadership in Owensboro Right to Life are Catholic!

V. Two Opportunities I Hope To Attend This Week:

  • “Catholic Pioneers: From Maryland to Kentucky,” Tuesday, November 3, at Mount St. Joseph, presented by Sr. George Mary Hagan, OSU, beginning with dinner at 5:00PM; talk finished by 6:30PM.
  • “Vatican II: 50 Years Later,” Wednesday, November 4, at Brescia University, 6:30-8:00PM.

In Joy and Hope,
Fr. Jerry