Pastor’s Corner

I. Vocare Dinner on September 18: “The priestly vocation is essentially a call to sanctity, in the form that derives from the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Sanctity is intimacy with God; it is the imitation of Christ, poor, chaste and humble; it is unreserved love for souls and self-giving for their true good; it is love for the Church which is holy and wants us to be holy, because such is the mission that Christ has entrusted to it. Each one of us must be holy also in order to help our brothers pursue their vocation to sanctity” (St. John Paul). Please continue pray for vocations, that many men and women may come forward to carry on the mission of Christ in the call to priesthood or religious life. May the Vocare Dinner, which is aimed at promoting vocations and finding means both spiritual and financial, be a successful one.

II. Fall Festival on September 19: The saying goes “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” As our picnic nears, please try to make yourself available and be as helpful as you can for the picnic. It’s “our picnic,” and we all have a responsibility to work towards it’s success. Please contact Deacon Dirck Curry ([email protected]) if you are able to help.

III. Confirmation Formation: How privileged are we to receive the Sacraments. We know Sacraments are means through which God bestows his special blessings on us. And, it is a joy to witness others entering in to Sacraments. We have several youth who will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation this coming year. All the youth preparing for Confirmation, and their parents, will have their first meeting on September 14, at 6:30PM, in the Community Center. Each session is very important. Mark your calendar to attend this first meeting.

IV. Ministries: There is always a need for people in different ministries here at St. Stephen. We need volunteers to help at Benedict Shelter on third Fridays of every month. Contact person is Cindy Bornander ([email protected]). Volunteers are needed to take Communion to the sick and homebound. Contact person is Fr. Suneesh ([email protected]). Volunteers are also needed for St. Vincent De Paul Society. Contact person is Harry Bellew ([email protected]). Several other ministries need volunteers, too. Please pray and look for ways that we can continue to serve Our Lord through different ministries.

V. New Staff: We wish all God’s blessings to Mike Bogdan as he becomes our Director of Liturgy and to James Wells as he becomes our Director of Music. They will join our St. Stephen Staff on September 16. May God bless their ministry.

In Joy and Hope, Fr. Jerry
(By Fr. Suneesh)