Pastor’s Corner

I. Welcome to Fr. Robert Karris! Representing a well-respected outreach to the needy, Father Karris is here to inform us about Food for the Poor outreach, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, and how it makes a difference in the lives of people caught in the cycle of poverty. Roll out a hearty Cathedral welcome to Fr. Karris!

II. Labor Day is Monday, September 7! Catholic social teaching, often referred to as the church’s best-kept secret, is based on a relationship with God and others. The Church by its very nature is Christ’s continuing presence in the world. It’s message is always spiritual and pastoral. Yet, the voice that proclaims Jesus’ Gospel must always engage the realities of the human condition and call for justice and conversion. Saint John Paul II moved forward the role of Catholic social teaching in the “marketplace” in Laborem Exercens. Pope Francis continues to challenge Catholics and all people of goodwill to see the value of human labor, the importance of a just wage, and the challenge of using the gifts of everyone for the good of our whole human family. Why not make the time to celebrate Mass, 7:00AM and 12:05PM, to pray in thanksgiving for the gift of our jobs and for those who are unemployed or under-employed?

III. Happy Birthday, Mary!  On September 8, with the universal Church, we celebrate the birth of Mary, mother of God and mother of Jesus. What an example of openness and docility Mary is for us.

IV. That Man Is You begins Thursday, September 10, at Saint Stephen Cathedral in the Community Center. Modeled on some of the country’s leading men’s programs, That Man Is You combines Scripture, solid secular research, and a little fun, to address the pressures and temptations facing men in our modern culture. It seeks to form authentic leaders capable of transforming homes and society. See the video for more details:

V. Parish Picnic/Festival: This year, our Picnic Committee is including a Beer Garden on Friday, September 18, from 6:00-10:00PM, in the Community Center; and again on Saturday, September 19, during the picnic itself. Our picnic/festival is both a community builder and a money-maker for the mission of the operating budget of SSC. Have you picked up your tickets? Only 129 Hawaii tickets remain! At $30 apiece, it’s a great deal! If you would like to “lend a hand” at our picnic, contact the office, 270-683-6525, or call Deacon Dirck Curry, Jackie Gentry, Jim and Donna Duffy, and Ray Thompson.

VI. Re-Seaming the Limestone: A special word of thanks to Donald Houle, who spent many hours re-seaming the limestone on the church front porch. By doing this, the hope is that we may “buy a little more time” before re-working the entire front porch, which will be a major project. Thanks, Donald!

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry