Pastor’s Corner

I. A Wow or Mountaintop Experience! Last Sunday afternoon, we knew we had been visited by the Lord! The music ministry from Saint Stephen Cathedral, combined with folks from St. Thomas More, Paducah, and Holy Spirit, Bowling Green, under the direction of Michael Bogdan was a “joyful sound to the Lord!” Thanks to Michael Bogdan and the 68-member choir for sharing their time and talent in “lifting up our hearts” in prayer! I was especially moved by the newly released hymn by Rory Cooney, “To You Who Bows!” Good music teaches good theology! Thanks to Margaret Mills, Sharlene Hatfield, Dove Haire, Mary Jo Yates, John and Patsy Clayton, and Benny Blandford for “stuffing” the liturgical programs; to Mary Bryant Booth, Jeff and Edna Murphey, and their Team of Diocesan Event Welcomers: Judy and Steve Carrico, Brenda Clark, Ruby Jacildo, Joan Perry, and Florence Weider: Grazie tante! Kudos to the hospitable, generous, funny and feisty, thoughtful, joyful Fr. Suneesh Mathew for his supportive words! I am grateful to God for the gift of priesthood, and to all of you who were able to make the time to join in this Mass of Thanksgiving!

After a wonderful liturgy, the celebration continued with a fantastic reception! Thanks to the Reception Committee under the capable coordination of Teresa Brown: Lauren Calhoun, Donna Duffy, Mary Riney, Janet Murphy, Lupe Ellis, and Fr. Suneesh Mathew. Many people were involved in this community effort: Agnes and Skip Reynolds crafted a beautiful scriptural cake; Lupe Ellis and “Team Lupe”: Theresa Ray, Garry and Ann Pierce, Monika Logan, Rosemary Payne, Kim Lewis, Martha House, Maggie Riney, Marianne Robinson, Mary Helen Nash, Doreen Harney, and Joann Moore coordinated the food. Terry Brown cooked eight delicious Boston butts; Donna and Jim Duffy decorated the hall very attractively; John Calhoun brought and set up a PA system; Lauren Calhoun produced a terrific, top-of-the-line slideshow, with Angela Clark’s help in choosing pictures. Marianna Robinson called people to bring food. Thanks to all who brought food!  It was a banquet to behold!! Toasts and roasts were given by my brother Ed Riney, Mark Heinz, Lori Lewis, Paul Ballard, Fr. John Vaughan, and Sr. Suzanne Sims, with Fr. Pat Reynolds as the standup comedian emcee! Parish Pastoral Council Chair, Christy Ellis, presented me, on behalf of SSC faith community, with a handsome check, for which I am greatly and humbly appreciative! Further thanks to Pat and Waitman Taylor, Paddy Settles, Margie and Jeff Ebelhar, Ruth and Pat Mysinger, Lottie Miller, Haley and Matt Fitzgerald, Ron Bornander, John McNulty, Bo Ivey, Gene and Larry Lyon, Deacon Dirck and Chona Curry, Donna Murphy, Joey Beatty, Ruth Ann Carrico, and Eddie O’Bryan. A double thanks to all who helped cleanup! Thanks to all, also, for your cards, gifts, prayers, presence, and many expressions of congratulations as I celebrated 40 years of priesthood. “How can I make a return to the Lord for all the good he has done for me?” (Psalm 116:12).

II. Our Cathedral Preschool Open House: There is excitement in the air as we begin another year at our Cathedral Preschool! We had a special School Blessing with our competent, friendly staff last Friday. On Monday, August 17, we will meet with parents of our three-year-olds at 6:00pm and parents of our four-year-olds at 7:15pm in the Community Center. We will meet with parents of our five-year-olds on Tuesday, August 18, at 7:15pm in the five-year-old classroom. An Open House will be hosted on Wednesday, August 19, and again on the morning of Thursday, August 20! Everyone is welcome!

III. SSC Picnic, Saturday, September 19: It’s less than five weeks before our opportunity to build community as well as make a little money for the parish is upon us! The best way to ensure our picnic will be a success is to pick up your raffle tickets and sell them! We appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm to make our picnic a success and to continue to build community spirit! Furthermore, there are only about 175 Hawaii raffle tickets left. If you would like to help out with the picnic do not hesitate to call the office, leaving your name and telephone number!

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry