Pastor’s Corner

I. SSC Mission Trip: Our parishioners will take an immersion mission trip to our Sister Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica, October 11-18, which is Fall Break. Anyone 18 years of age or older, with relatively good health, can register with a $50 down payment; the cost per person is approximately $1100. We would not want anyone NOT to go because of financial restraints. Being exposed to a Third World country impacts us spiritually. There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, July 29, at 6:00pm in the parish office. Everyone is welcome!

II. Saint Stephen Cathedral 2015 Guide Book and Directory has been mailed to every household. This handy book with addresses and phone numbers of parishioners, and a listing of committees, is a book I use every day! If you did not receive one, please call the office.

III. The Gospel of the Eagle’s Eye: The symbol for John’s Gospel is the eagle because it alone, of all living creatures, can look straight into the sun and not be dazzled; and of all the New Testament writers, John has the most penetrating gaze into the eternal mysteries and truths and the very mind of God. Being the last Gospel written, John’s Gospel is the most developed and most theological of the four Gospels. It has a different account of the beginning, the scene and duration of the Jesus’ ministry, and it differs in matters of fact from the other three Gospels.

During the next five Sundays, Catholics throughout the world will hear and reflect upon the meaning and challenge of the sixth chapter of John; it is the Bread of Life Gospel! Last week, you received in the bulletin the first of five inserts.  This insert speaks of an important dimension of the Eucharist, with questions for your reflection, discussion, and prayer. Hopefully, this will enrich our appreciation for the gift of the Mass.

IV. Diocesan Missionary Cooperative: Last week, SSC took up a special collection for Our Lady of the Snows Cathedral, in Fort Portal, Uganda, where Fr. Titus is rector. Built in 1963 to hold 1500 people, this church building is in need of some repair, especially the leaky roof, to the tune of $30,000. This special collection last weekend amounted to $7,176. If you did not have the opportunity to contribute, please make a check out to “Saint Stephen Cathedral,” with the memo to Fr. Titus, as soon as possible. On our website, you can read a letter from Fr. Titus, inserted in our July 12, 2015 bulletin.

V. Michael Conley Health Update: I spoke with Michael Conley this morning (7/20/15) and he is doing well and seems to be in “good spirits.” Home Health is still reaching out to him several times a week, and a physical therapy person is to visit him today. Michael asked me to pass on his gratitude for your cards and prayers. Again, his correct address it is: 3910 Lewis Circle, Erlanger, KY 41018.

VI. Bishop Emeritus John Jeremiah McRaith moved to the Carmel Home a few weeks ago. It is a tough transition to give up your home, independence, and privacy! I promised him our continued prayers. His address: 2501 Old Hartford Rd., Owensboro, KY, 42303.

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry