Pastor’s Corner

I. Happy Father’s Day!  On behalf of Saint Stephen Cathedral parish, I welcome Bishop William Medley, the spiritual father of this Diocese, to celebrate the 9:00am Mass today, kicking off the Prayer for the Fortnight of Freedom. One of the privileges and the responsibilities of every father is to pass on the faith, to help mold and shape the faith of his child. Anyone can be a biological father, but it takes one full of faith, love, and hope to be a spiritual father to a child. Happy Father’s Day!

II. Four Things Boys Learn From Their Fathers: 1) How to have a relationship, look at, and think about women. 2) Confidence, by being a mentor, by spending time with his son. 3) Real strength, sacrifice, and service, by his example. 4). How to emulate the loving nature of our Father in heaven, teaching him what it means to be loved unconditionally. (Cf. by Thomas Steenson).

III. One Year Anniversary!  Six SSC parishioners were commissioned as Stephen Ministers at all the weekend Masses of June 14-15, last year. We also recognized and commissioned, posthumously, Stephen Minister “angel,” Wendell Booth, who is an active minister from the heavenly side of the universe, giving us calm and patience!  Initiated through one of our Renew 2000 prayer groups, our Stephen Ministers have given care to a dozen people. Since the commissioning, Stephen Ministers have met every two-three weeks to keep their  “caring” education up to date and on-going. Please feel free to ask our Stephen Leaders (Joan Perry or Bill Kelley), or our Parish Team contact (Donna Murphy), about the specifics of this ministry. What better place to start a ministry of caring within our Diocese of Owensboro than at the Mother Church! We do hope that this ministry catches fire and spreads. Blessed Mother Parish has already adopted this ministry, and commissioned five ministers recently. If you are going through a time of stress (any stress, any age, 20 years or older) look into the gift of walking through your stressful journey with a Stephen Minister from our parish. They are people who care, and they will keep your journey with them completely confidential.  Congratulations to all our Stephen Leaders and Ministers for a very fruitful and faithful first year!

IV. The Other Side: Jesus invitation to cross “to the other side” could mean a lot of different things for each of us. As a Church, “the other side” might challenge us to pay attention to those not presently part of our community, those on “the other side”: the less respectable, the newly-arrived immigrants, the homeless, elderly, divorced, gay, infirmed and dying, the people displaced by war and now living in refugee camps, etc. So, we ask ourselves: what would crossing “to the other side” mean for me at this stage of my life? Whom have I kept at a distance in my life, who are those on “the other side”?  Read and reflect on the Gospel of Mark 4:35-41.

V. Happy Birthday! On June 24, the entire church celebrates the feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptizer. Several years later, on June 24, was born another John, who also points the way to Jesus the Lord; but this John may not be too crazy about a daily diet of wild locusts (not even chocolate covered) and honey!  Why not send your former pastor a card: 1600 Kingsway Drive, Madisonville, KY 42431-5826. Happy birthday, Fr. John Vaughan!

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry