Pastor’s Corner

I. Hats Off to the Currys! St. Stephen Cathedral will throw a Pentecost Potluck Party to honor Deacon Doctor Dirck and Chona Curry!  As you know, the Currys recently received the John J McRaith Providing Help, Creating Hope Award for their selfless service to our Church and this community at large. (Did you read their write-up in the Messenger-Inquirer?). Additionally, this past year Bishop William Francis Medley officially “incardinated” Deacon Dirck into the Diocese of Owensboro from the Diocese of St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he was ordained a deacon. The Currys have “fanned into a flame” the gifts of the Spirit received! Bring a dish! Let’s celebrate with gratitude! Pentecost, May 24, 6:00pm!

II. Nepal Earthquake Collection: Your generosity to the special collection last Sunday for the victims of the tragic earthquake in Nepal amounted to $2997.87. If you were not present, or were unprepared for the special collection, you may still contribute. Simply send your donation to the office, or drop it in a marked envelop into the collection basket next week. At the doors of the church, there are also special envelopes marked CRS (Catholic Relief Services), through which organization we will channel this outreach.

III. A Great Opportunity to Serve! Vacation Bible School is a wonderful opportunity for the children of our parish and our neighborhood area, and for the adults and teens who provide the activities and lessons for the children. We are in need of more Safe-Environment-trained volunteers for our Vacation Bible School. Without trained volunteers, we cannot provide this experience for the children of our parish this summer, June 15-19. The past two years, this VBS week has been awesome! Could God be calling you? Think about it. Talk about it. Pray about it.

IV. Where There Is No Love, put love and you will find love” (Saint John of the Cross). Re-read the Scripture from the last two Sundays, especially John 15:1-17, where Jesus talks about our relationship with Him (John:1–8), and our relationship with others (John 15:9-17). Loving another is not easy, but it is what a disciple of Jesus is called to do. Love is not a feeling, but a decision.

V. High School Seniors, our parish is proud of you! We would like to honor you on Saturday, May 30, at the 5:00pm Mass. If possible, bring your cap and gown. There will be a reception afterwards, coordinated by Susan Augenstein and Kathy Lanz.

VI. Love Cures People, both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. (Karl Menninger, M.D., The Menninger Foundation). Menninger, who is not Catholic, but a respected psychiatrist, has also said that the best thing the Catholic Church has going for it is confession; if more people would name and claim their wrongdoing, there would be less mental illness in the world!

VII. Baton Passing Is Critical in a Relay! “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15-20). In Jesus, God wanted to be involved in our world. Now the disciples must continue that work of involvement. We are called to proclaim the Good News: heal the sick, reconcile enemies, feed the hungry, and teach people God’s ways. So we ask ourselves: In what ways does the mission, “proclaim the Gospel,” apply to us? Can we list some of the “signs” of Christ’s presence that we have experienced in our service? Christ passes the baton of His mission on to us!

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry