Pastor’s Corner

I. Welcome, Fr. Saji Sebastian! Elected Provincial Superior of the Congregation of the Heralds of Good News (HGN), of which Fr. Suneesh Mathew is a member, Fr. Saji Sebastian is visiting in Owensboro, and will preside and preach at our 9:00am and 11:00am Masses today. Originally from the state of Kerala in India, Father Saji was ordained in 1996, finished his doctorate in Rome, and was serving as the rector of their major seminary before being elected as the new Provincial Superior. We welcome Fr. Saji to Owensboro and St. Stephen Cathedral as he visits his brother priests missioned in the USA and Italy. Fr. Saji, thank you and your Congregation for Fr. Suneesh!

II. Joseph: Quiet Goodness and Faithful Service: On March 19, we honor Joseph of Nazareth, an upright man. Joseph’s taking of Mary as his wife and their quiet life together changed human history. In this, Joseph provides an example that illustrates the truth that most of human history is changed by the quiet goodness and faithful service of ordinary people: ordinary folks who aren’t certain that all their choices are right, ordinary folks who don’t know what the future holds. We see an example of Joseph’s style in the way he handles his awkward position when he learns that Mary is pregnant. In honoring Joseph, we salute all quiet, good, ordinary folks. We recognize and rejoice over the quiet goodness and faithful service of ordinary people. I invite you to honor this just and good man by participating in Mass on his feast day.

III. Feast of St. Joseph and Ministers of Praise: At our noon Mass on Thursday, March 19, the feast of that just and humble man, St. Joseph, we will commission more Ministers of Praise! As Minister of Praise, you will receive a letter about every two months, asking you to pray for specific needs of our parish, along with needs of Bishop Medley and the Diocese. This ministry especially invites the sick, the homebound, and retired parishioners who can no longer be as active in the parish ministries as they would like. If interested, contact George or Margaret Frey, 270-683-7627, or the parish office, 270-683-6525. There will be a light lunch afterwards!

IV . Lighthouse Media: Have you checked out the CDs in the Lighthouse Media carousel in the church vestibule?  Topics include: Why Be Catholic, Seven Reasons to be Catholic, Confession, The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality, The Hidden Power of Forgiveness, 15 Things To Do in the Midst of Suffering, and more. You are asked to make at least a $3.00 donation and the CD is yours to use, to keep, or to pass on to a friend!

V. An Unexpected Expense: We have just paid $18,124.22 for a new AC/Furnace Blower motor and capacitor for the north-side heating and air-conditioning system (the unit nearest the outside elevator door) for our church building. Of the four units, this is the second replacement unit for our church in the last 18 months! It’s an unbudgeted item!

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry