Pastor’s Corner

I. To Remember or Honor Someone Through Flowers! We invite you to memorialize and/or honor your loved ones by an offering for flowers for the Holy Thursday/Easter liturgies.  Envelopes are in your packets, in the “April” section.   If you want us to list in the bulletin the names of your loved ones being remembered in this way, please feel free to list their names on the back of your church envelopes for the flowers, even though there are no markings on this envelope to guide you in listing the names.  Thank you!

II. Please. Thank You. Sorry.  Pope Francis believes that every family needs to say these three words to be healthy, happy and filled with love. Imagine if every family (one person or more than one) would heed this simple advice!  The word “Please” teaches us to respect our loved ones and others, and not be too demanding. “Thank you” teaches us to be grateful and to see the others in our life as a gift. A grateful heart sees everything as a gift. “Sorry” is the most important word of all, because it makes us sensitive to the ways we offend one another and hurt one another’s feelings during the ordinary course of a day. “Sorry” teaches us that we need to ask for the grace to admit when we do things wrong; it can help us to “forgive as our Father and Creator in heaven forgives us.”  Are these three words an active part of your everyday vocabulary?

III. Which Mountain Do You Need To Climb? 1. Like Abraham (Genesis 22:1-2, 9-13, 15-18) do you need to climb Mount Moriah to leave behind the past, to leave behind some “old gods,” and finally serve the true God?  2. Do you need to climb Mount Calvary (Romans 8:31-34) to meet Jesus in his suffering on the cross and to realize the gift of salvation offered to you means embracing the crosses in our lives? We can face all kinds of hardships with God on our side. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.  3. Do you need to climb Mount Tabor (Mark 9:2–10) and appreciate the glory of Christ that will one day be yours in fullness? Is your life so immersed in the earthly that you need to experience a glimpse of Jesus’ divinity, His promise of eternal life, where there is no more suffering, pain, misunderstanding? Last Sunday, we talked about the hard work of climbing mountains. Which mountain do I need to climb this Lent? Climb anyone of the three mentioned above and you will discover cleaner air, clearer sight, and a closer relationship with God.

IV. Overturning Money Tables: In our Gospel this weekend (John 2:13-25) Jesus overturns more than money tables. He overturns the Jewish understanding of the temple from a building “under construction” to his own Body. He overturns our understanding of death from the end of life to the beginning of new, risen life. He overturns our very selves from an empty lot of unbelief to a beautiful edifice of believers. We are God’s new construction! By overturning those aspects of our human nature given to pride, self-centeredness, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, God builds us into living signs of divine Presence and saving works. We become the new temple, the Body of Christ, given over to humility, compassion, forgiveness, healing, service, love.

VI. Family Tradition: For years now, some of my family members have developed a tradition of going to the SEC basketball tournament. It’s a ‘man” trip! You will be in the very capable, generous, and talented hands of Fr. Suneesh Mathew Kulathanapadikel while I am away from the parish, March 12-15. Go CATS!

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry