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Pastor’s Corner

Published on October 17th, 2014

I. Mission Sunday: We join the universal Church throughout the world today in remembering that we are a Missionary Church. If you are Catholic, you are a missionary! When I was growing up, we talked of sending missionaries from the United States to other countries; now other countries are sending missionaries to America!  In fact, we have seven Heralds of the Good News (including our own Fr. Suneesh Mathew Kulathanapadikel, what a name!) “on loan” to our Diocese. Our Diocese has two Hispanic priests “on loan” from South America. Furthermore, we have several African priests, without whom some of our churches would have to be closed or celebrate Mass less frequently. In fact, 25% of the churches/parishes in our Owensboro Diocese are pastored by international priests. This year the theme is, “I will build my Church” (Matthew 16:18). Be as generous as you can be!

II. Happy Feast Day to the Passionists! Born in Italy in 1694, Paul Daneo experienced a conversion at age 15 and began a lifelong devotion of prayer and simplicity. He founded an Order dedicated to the Passion of the Lord (Passionists). His prayer was always that one might “live in such a way that all may know that you bear outwardly as well as inwardly the image of Christ crucified”. Have you ever visited the Passionist Nuns whose monastery is between Owensboro and Whitesville? On October 20, we salute St. Paul of the Cross!

III. Backpack Ministry Beckons our response to the poor and the hungry children in our neighborhood. The staff of Hager Preschool will distribute our bags of food to their neediest children. This will help curb their hunger over weekends when no school meals are provided. We need single serving packs of fruits, puddings, cereals, fruit juices, snack crackers, raviolis, SpaghettiOs, beans and franks, etc. If you are not interested in shopping, we have shoppers who will stretch your donation dollars! Please designate “backpacks” on your check or envelope. We have committed to providing for 10 children, but we would love to extend this to 20!  For more information, or if you would like to volunteer in this new ministry, contact Molly Harris, 270-314-9856 or Kathleen Johnson, 270-314-3219. “I was hungry, and you fed Me” (Cf. Matthew 25).

In Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry

The Catholic community of Saint Stephen Cathedral serves to welcome, evangelize and worship in the name of Jesus Christ.
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