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Pastor’s Corner

Published on July 11th, 2014

I. Ministry of Praise Commissioning: To date, we have 31 parishioners signed up for this new prayer ministry. This Ministry of Praise is open to the sick, the handicapped, the homebound and senior citizens who can no longer be as active as they would like to be. There are no meetings, no dues! It is a spiritual ministry in which we offer all prayers, joys and sufferings to God. You will receive a letter from the parish every other month asking you to include in your prayers certain intentions of the parish. We will commission these new ministers at the noon Mass on Wednesday, July 30. A light lunch will follow. If you are interested in joining this prayer ministry, please contact George or Margaret Frey, coordinators, at 270-683-7627, or Fr. Jerry or Fr. Suneesh.

II. Black Is Good! Thank you for your commitment to St. Stephen Cathedral parish in sharing your treasure, so that the mission of Jesus can continue here!  We will be ending this fiscal “in the black”! Yeah! Might I encourage you to consider automatic (electronic) transfer of funds, which makes your giving a priority, consistent, and easy. We have about 35 parishioners, including myself, who have chosen this method of giving. I love it! Whether on vacation or not, I know that the first fruits of my labors will be going back to the Lord. If interested, call our business manager, Joey Beatty.

III. Serving 40 Years! On July 20, 1974, Fr. John Vaughan was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Owensboro. Next Sunday, at 2:00pm, at Christ the King Church in Madisonville, Fr. John will celebrate 40 years of priestly service. Congratulations, Fr. John!

IV. Deacon Michael Charles Ajigo is spending the next month in Kenya, visiting his family and friends. He will return on August 4 for his final three weeks of service at St. Stephen Cathedral. Fr. Suneesh, Fr. Titus and I miss his cooking! Prayers for a safe journey!

Joy and Hope,

Fr. Jerry

The Catholic community of Saint Stephen Cathedral serves to welcome, evangelize and worship in the name of Jesus Christ.
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