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Pastor’s Corner

Published on February 14th, 2014

I. St Gerard Life Home: Recently, I visited St. Gerard Life Home where Sr. Anne Marie,OSF ministers well; it is a shelter that offers free housing and hospitality to homeless pregnant women age 18 and above, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. The home accommodates six people at a time, and residents can move in at any point of their pregnancy and stay up to three months after the birth of the child.  St. Gerard provides 24 hours practical and emotional support to women, and assists them in preparing for their role as parents.  Residents also benefit from a stable home, a supportive and safe environment, healthy diet, parenting education, adoption information, healthcare, counseling referrals, budgeting and financial planning, educational opportunities and training in basic life skills needed for independent living.  St. Gerard Home is program of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Owensboro. What a wonderful and positive outreach ministry!

II. Anointing of the Sick: We celebrated this healing Sacrament on February 11, the Feast of our Lady of Lourdes, which is also a World Day of Prayer for the Sick. This communal anointing always inspires me: so many people allow their suffering to be redemptive. Thanks to Chona and Deacon Dirck Curry for coordinating the lunch afterward. We will celebrate this Sacrament communally three times each year. If you are scheduled for surgery or if you enter into a serious illness, please contact the office, Fr. Suneesh or myself; we are always happy to accommodate parishioners who wish to be anointed.

III. Winter Wonderland: While the snow is beautiful to look at, it also provides a challenge to keep walkways, church steps, parking lot cleared. Thanks to Patrick Clary, our Director of Buildings and Grounds, and those who chip in to help with this persistent demand. Gratitude to Tom Fulkerson for clearing our parking lot. Our everyday life at Church is made more safe and less hazardous because of your kind-heartedness. Thank you!

IV. Birthday Joy!  My birthday odometer rolled around one more year last Monday! It was a great day, mixed with a few meetings, exercise, a few surprises, and prayer. Thanks for the wonderful breakfast orchestrated by the parish pastoral team and the dinner with family and friends orchestrated by Fr. Suneesh. I’m grateful for your many expressions of birthday cheer: cards, texts, emails, gifts, and the like! A birthday is God’s reminder that life is to be celebrated…everyday!

In Joy and Hope,
Fr. Jerry

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