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Pastor’s Corner

Published on September 27th, 2013

I.  Fall Festival Gratitude! It will be a couple of weeks before we know what we netted monetarily, yet we already know that we reaped large dividends communally from our Fall Festival. It was wonderful experiencing people of the St. Stephen Cathedral parish working together, building community, seeking to serve on a beautiful day! There are too many people, behind the scenes and out front and personal, to mention names; but I would be negligent if I did not publicly thank Garry Pierce, chair of our Fall Festival, for the many days, weeks and months of planning, phoning, executing, and praying. “Community” happens when people join hands for a cause bigger than themselves! Thank you! Merci! Grazie! Danka!

II.  Retreating! This week, many priests of our Diocese will be on retreat at Mount St. Joseph Retreat Center. A retreat is a wonderful time for spiritual renewal, rest and re-commitment. Let’s remember Fr. Suneesh in prayer. (He needs prayers and time away from his pastor!!!)


October is RESPECT LIFE Month

Open Your Hearts to LIFE!  Jesus has explained the concept of existence, meaning and human life in his every word and action: our origin and our destiny is God, our Father and Creator, who loves each of us with an infinitely tender and merciful love. The mystery of human life is that we, everyone of us, are precious to God even as we are, weak and sinful. As Pope Francis has pointed out more than once, God never stops loving us and never tires of forgiving us. At our least sign of remorse, God fills us with his consolation, peace and hope.

Opening our hearts to life means that we reject the killing of human beings from the moment of conception to their natural death: by abortifacients, “contraceptives,” and abortion, in destructive embryo research and IVF procedures, by denying life-saving treatment to those with disabilities, and by “hastening death” of the elderly and dying in assisted suicide and euthanasia. Opening our hearts to life means opposing the death penalty, as well as slavery, human trafficking, terrorism and unjust war, and working to eradicate the conditions that prevent our sisters and brothers from realizing their full human potential.

Nearly all of us are sometimes guilty of rejecting those who get in the way of our plans or make us feel insecure. We may talk with impatience at the driver in front of us or speak abruptly to a colleague who is slow to learn new skills, and perhaps use harsh words at home when a spouse or child forgets to do a promised task. In all these seemingly minor everyday ways, we tear away at the Body of Christ. And when we act this way in front of our children, the family ceases to be a “school of love”.

That is what family is meant to be: a haven of unconditional love, acceptance, affirmation and consolation, where children learn, by modeling their parents, to accept others and love generously, to share with and care for those in need. It is a place to learn humility and mercy, to learn to imitate Christ. Like the Saints, we can learn to love others sacrificially by recognizing our own weaknesses and littleness, and by begging God to transform us (Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities).

Fr. Jerry

The Catholic community of Saint Stephen Cathedral serves to welcome, evangelize and worship in the name of Jesus Christ.
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