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Pastor’s Perspective

Published on July 12th, 2013

I. LISTENING SESSIONS: In order that I may hear from the People of God in the pews, I would like to initiate “Listening Sessions” which would be a gathering of 10-18 parishioners who would gather with Fr. Suneesh and me in a host home or rectory or wherever is convenient. These gatherings could be morning, noon or evening around bread and water, muffins and coffee, “biscuits” and tea, beer and pretzels, wine and cheese, or a potluck. The emphasis is NOT on the food but on the opportunity for Fr. Suneesh and me to LISTEN to you, the parishioners. It will also afford us the opportunity to get to know each other better, a kind of “meet the new priests” affair!┬áThis will help me to know where we–as a parish pastoral council, pastoral staff/team, and priests–need to invest our energies and focus our attention. If you would like to host (open your home in Christian hospitality) one of our “Listening Sessions,” contact Janice Scherm, [email protected] or 270-686-7879, or Margaret Windle, [email protected] or 270-926-4601 or 270-302-5071. Janice and Margaret are graciously coordinating this parish endeavor.

II. CATHOLICS WHO WISH TO RE-CONNECT! If you know of any baptized Catholics who have been away from the Church, dis-connected from our Eucharistic community, or not active at regular Sunday Mass, please contact Donna Murphy, Director of Faith Formation, Fr. Suneesh, or me.

III. FAMILY! As I gradually become part of the St. Stephen Cathedral family, I have realized quickly that one of the tangible blessings of this transfer to Owensboro has been that my parents, Joe and Sue Riney, live only a few minutes away. It’s a delight to drop in on them much more frequently than I have for the past thirty years! Furthermore, three of my seven siblings and several nieces and nephews and their families live in Daviess County. These “fringe” benefits enrich life! Family and friends are the sweet and colorful flowers in the garden of life!

The Catholic community of Saint Stephen Cathedral serves to welcome, evangelize and worship in the name of Jesus Christ.
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