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Pastor’s Perspective

Published on July 26th, 2013

I. WELCOME to the OCHS Class of ’58!  This is their 55th year since graduating from OCHS! We are proud to welcome all members to celebrate Mass with us, but we especially welcome those who are members of our parish: Dick Booth, Mary Hilda McFarland, Rosemary Payne, Roberta Berry, Martha Clark, Jackie Jones, Arthur Schwartz, Anna Marie Walker. Though exceptional when they graduated in 1958, I’m sure the years have taught this class wisdom beyond measure! Welcome!

II. STEPHEN Ministry: A couple of weekends ago, there was a bulletin insert about the Stephen Ministry which is in process at St. Stephen Cathedral, not only because we bear the name of Stephen but also because it is a wonderful, comprehensive, tried-and-proven, Christ-centered way for us to offer care to the sick and hospitalized, the divorced or separated, those experiencing a birth, adoption, miscarriage–anyone hurting who would like for a member of the parish to reach out to them. Donna Murphy and Joan Perry spent last week in a Stephen Ministry Workshop in Dallas; they returned eager to share what they have learned! Stay tuned!

III. SOUP KITCHEN and SHELTER:  Fr. Suneesh was shocked that there were hungry people in America and in Owensboro, KY, as we witnessed over 100 people (lots of women and children) in line to receive lunch at the Daniel Pitino Shelter.  In our back yard, 65 homeless people/families have a place to stay (and there is a waiting list), and 60 to 260 children, women, men of all ages who are hungry are served lunch every day.  Breakfast (doughnuts and coffee/milk) is available at 7:00am and lunch at 11:00am, except on Sunday, when breakfast is at 9:00am and lunch is at 2:00pm. I was impressed at the cleanliness not only of the dining room and kitchen area but of the entire facility as the manager James gave us a tour of this much-needed facility.  Volunteers, donations are always needed and welcomed. Another opportunity to serve!

IV. Continuing my Education:  Even before I knew I was being transferred to St. Stephen Cathedral, I had committed myself to participate in the National Pastoral Musicians (NPM) workshop in D.C., July 29 – August 2. Especially with the recent promulgation of the new Roman Missal, I find it helpful to take some time to study, discuss, and reflect upon our liturgy–its purpose, the role of the presider and preacher along with the many other liturgical roles including the role of the congregation/assembly. How can we at St. Stephen Cathedral increase “active, conscious, intentional participation” in the liturgy. so that we can better glorify and honor God? Pray for me this week, please.

The Catholic community of Saint Stephen Cathedral serves to welcome, evangelize and worship in the name of Jesus Christ.
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